2K Sports Thinks NBA Elite 11 "Looks Awful"

A statement from a 2K Sports representative stirs up the rivalry that got ugly last year between them and EA Sports. The two compete in the NBA arena with 2K11 and Elite 11 (previously NBA Live).

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NYC_Gamer2890d ago

well 2k is telling the truth...

knight6262890d ago

i agree o.o i never like how EA makes their games they are awful...mayb the only game i liked was Fight Night Round 3 i didnt really like R4 graphics its a big step down from R3 and like other sports games they dont make the players look realistic and 2K look more realistic

-MD-2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

It's because EA pumps out so many games they never give developers enough time to make games polished.

That's why nearly all of them feel half baked. Not to mention people eat them up regardless of how good they are so they feel no reason to make them as good as they could be.

Redlogic2890d ago

the guy who made that comment is a mod in the 2k forums. He's no developer so of course he would say something like that...he has nothing to do with the next 2k game even being made. I take his word with a grain of salt.

P.S - 2k rules :P

VoicesInMyHead2890d ago

About to say, pretty ignorant when Carlos Arroyo has black THAT'S awful

Lifendz2890d ago

it's not like the last 2K basketball was turning heads. In fact, the game was about as buggy and glitchy as possible. And the online lagged like nobody's business.

I like that EA is taking the time to reboot the franchise. F graphics. Give me a solid framerate and controls and the graphics will come in time. Remember, the last thing a dev does is polish a game. EA hired several key people from 2K that were responsible for making 2K basketball what it was. They're completely overhauling their basketball game. I can't wait for it. And if it looks less than impressive when it's still several months away...well that's fine by me.

rubarb232890d ago

I hate nba live's animations. EA changes the name to try and fool people, please man, it's the same ugly b1tch with a different dress.
2K11 FTW easily!

AAACE52890d ago

Is that suppose to be Kobe Bryant?

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coolasj2890d ago

Was just made private. If thats the case ima have to take 2K's word.

MorganX2890d ago

They may be right but should focus on making sure 2k11 doesn't end up looking awful. If they blow it with Jordan, they're done.

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The story is too old to be commented.