X-List: Coolest Suits in Gaming (5-1) Coolest suits in gaming.

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SupaGamer2766d ago

Earthworm Jim has the best suit. Without it he was just an earthworm, it "evolved" him to human-level intelligence.

Quagmire2765d ago


but seriously, why Isnt Isaac's suit on this. That was one helluva inuitive suit i tell ya h-wat.

Dead Space 2 FTW!!!!

Anon73492766d ago

Just another great accomplishment for The Mighty Anon.

SupaGamer2766d ago

Why did Anon come in first?

jaredhart2766d ago

Has a pretty Slick suit.

RaymondM2766d ago

Good article, but I'm going to have to call shenanigans on the grounds that the HEV suit from Half Life isnt on this list. Good old Freeman deserves his dues. Also, Samus' suit is freaking cool

Quagmire2765d ago

More perks than the pair on Pamela's chest.

N4GAddict2766d ago

Miles Edgeworth red suit is the best

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The story is too old to be commented.
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