Arcania: Gothic 4 - Release Date Reveals

Franz Rossler, CEO of JoWood has called in an interview a planned release date of Arcania: Gothic 4.

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TheXgamerLive2797d ago

I love the series and this title has some very very nice next gen touches to it, and you don't see that too often on open world RPG's like this.

The dragon battles are epic looking and no load screen per the dev diary's, so this is gonna be a great play, i can feel it.

p,s, this has nothing to do with the Gothic series but can somebody give me some info on Thief IV. I loved thief III, it was one of my fav games last gen. easily top 4.


thief has only been rumored to be in secret development for all 3 big platforms only time will tell tho

TheXgamerLive2797d ago

that's all i've heard too is rumors, but thanks though:)