Let's Go Sony, PS2 to PS3 'Classics HD' Upgrades We Want

With the latest image of the Sly Collection cover clearly showing a ‘Classics HD’ Logo, Sony is sure to have some more PlayStation 2 classics coming in form of HD. The enormous amount of PS2 hits could have Sony working extra hard to make this happen, but there are a few PS2 titles that Sony might want to release before others. Check out 5 PS2 classics that would make the ‘classics HD’ line shine for the PS3.

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Cajun Chicken2723d ago

5. Will probably happen.

4. Won't happen.

3. Depending of favouritism of Kojima.

2. Won't happen.

1. Certainty for build up for Last Guardian.

I'm going to start doing these comments for all 'Classics HD' posts now because I honestly think Sony is only going to remake and sanction HD versions of the IPs they OWN.

ChronoJoe2722d ago

I think 4 might happen in a sense. We might get Resident Evil 4 HD Move edition.

Rumor2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

once again, kingdom hearts gets the bottom cheek :/ (move capability would be nice also, because last time i could go into first person on kh)

jak is a must
gta san andreas is a must
anyone remember psi ops!!!?

8800gtx2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Ooo the dependency on a companies decisions looks so painful. I can play RE4 in HD with the Wii mote.


ReservoirDog3162722d ago

Well, maybe you (and everyone else) should vote on it here:

It's really low compared to say, the team ico collection:

Now that doesn't guarantee anything but sony might look at that and pass on a KH collection.

Point is, just vote on it anyone with a PSN ID.

Dragun6192722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I would think Sony will have Remastered titles for most of Sony popular IP's such as Jak&Daxter, Ratchet&Clank, Team Ico, etc. Hopefully, Konami does a MGS collection with Twin Snakes and ZoE Collection.

For Capcom, they did say they were interested in Remastering PS2 titles, So i can see Resident Evil, DMC, or Onimusha remastered collections a possibility.

And if were talking about third party, Square Enix Definitely needs to remaster Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Haven't even finished FF12.

Torkith2722d ago

Give me Breath of Fire 1 - 5

RatFuker2722d ago

i want a downloadable gta san andreas package that comes with vice city and gta 3 for 40 dollars. implement trophies, and add hd.

KingKiff2722d ago

But not a chance of that happening lol.

If only...

NJShadow2722d ago

I just want PS2 compatibility back. These HD upgrades are just another excuse for Sony to milk us for money by having us purchase games we ALREADY OWN.

Bereaver2722d ago

Then play them on your ps2 and don't buy HD upgrades of the games that you love. Because god knows, you don't want to support the developers of those games "you love".

Dragun6192722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Who doesn't want to enjoy their Favorite games in proper HD rather than Upscaled HD? Not to mention some bonus features such as Trophies, Smooth Frame Rate, 3D/ Move Support, all the games on one Disc. Shoot, Sony should have a documentary on the disc of the developer and how they come to develop this franchise, for example Naughty Dog discussing how they came up with Jak&Daxter, and thought process of making the game.

I mean Come on, wouldn't like to see Shadow of Colossus in 720p. Plus more people who passed on it in the past, can find a reason to buy it this time and enjoy it on their hdtv.

If you still think Sony should try to put PS2 Backwards compatibility then just get the original 60/80gb PS3. That or just buy a PS2.

NJShadow2722d ago

I did support the developers... THE FIRST TIME I BOUGHT THOSE GAMES. If Sony had left full B/C on the PS3, then these HD remakes WOULD be considered fan service, but since they didn't, it has become another way to recycle a product, make money on that product and somewhat screw the consumer.

Rumor2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

for a hd and trophy patch basically :/

edit:im not bashing the collections or anything, i love them....and you get the whole series on one blu ray disc

Bereaver2722d ago

It's completely your choice to buy or not. Support or not. Add to your collection or not. Your choice.

Games4M - Rob2722d ago

Sounds good to me.

If i didnt want HD or trophies then i would have stuck with my PS2

rdgneoz32722d ago

Compatibility doesn't bother me too much. I still have my ps2 and most of the games, so its easy as hell to play them when I want to. Besides, you can always pick up one if you got rid of it for cheap.

ElementX2722d ago

If you have PS2 games, where's your PS2? Try plugging it in and playing your old games in it. I welcome any and all HD remakes! Having never owned a PS2 I missed out, I was a PC gamer back in the day. You don't want upgraded graphics and trophies? Fine, don't buy them!

8800gtx2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

HD upgrades to older games is free on the PC platform. Paying for such stuff is futile as it will only become a never ending cycle. The same games may as well be bought again on the next console release except this time it maybe running at the next HD standard above 720p or even 1080p.

GPU's on the PC do this for free on older titles without the need to pay for the same software again and again. Games get played on higher resolutions and higher AA something a console maker will gladly charge for.


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Tony-Red-Grave2722d ago

wheres the DMC1-3 HD remakes? DMC3 being one of the hardest ps2 games

PirosThe4th2722d ago

I found 1 way harder than 3...

I beaten 3 in all difficulty modes. Same with 4 on ps3.
That one wasn't that hard.

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