D+PAD - Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Beta Hands-On

The yet to be released Medal of Honor reboot that releases later in the year appears to be a very curious case indeed. With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 proving to be both critically and commercially successful, it’s strange that EA is adamant in creating a competing series as part of an assault on the massively popular Modern Warfare games. Judging from my time with the beta though, I’ve yet to encounter any positive difference between this re-vitalised reboot and the other games in such a hotly-competitive genre.

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carter202942d ago

good points...
mission game type is awesome completing objectives fun
bad points
graphics r so poor... exactly like bfbc2 but more brown
destruction may aswell not be there its poor / hardly any destruction
another modern war shooter please ! give it a break sci fi ftw! but thts my opinion

btw 1st comment !!! also the last

omi25p2942d ago

of course the graphics are going to be bad its a beta.

El-Fenemeno12132942d ago

That's not the best argument there. I still remember the uncharted 2 beta 8-). However, I'm hoping your right.