Killzone 1 will not become a HD Remake

As many of you guys saw, some online magazines put up a post saying that Killzone 1 will be going to have a HD Collection.

Now this has been officially denied by SCEE, calling the rumours of a HD Remake “false” - more through the link.

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coolcut1352791d ago

never say never. David Jaffe is proof of that :P

8800gtx2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I could have done it for free had it been on the PC platform just like any other game. You wouldnt have to wait for some company to do it either :P


Hideo_Kojima2791d ago

I have a CS 1.6 Full HD remake version...

But than again this isn't the PC :-/

You don't get to just go into the settings and change the graphics yourself.

8800gtx2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

There is a good chance it wont be supported on the next box and even if it is, it wont be updated to the next HD standard. IE any of my successors will be playing that game in 1600p+ when it becomes the standard.


SuperStrokey11232791d ago

Stp putting 8800gtx after your posts, its annoying

8800gtx2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Its part of my program code, cant help it.


ipe2791d ago

in RDR? or in Uncharted? or in killzone? or in gran turismo? bayoneta? teken? demon souls? resistance? lbp?

...........oh wait

but hey u can still check benchmark in crysis.

HD58702791d ago

all i can say is, as far as future proof goes, i'll be around a lot longer

Darkfocus2791d ago

you can still play it on pc in HD if you want, just use pcsx2 killzone's working perfectly now (except for the glitch's that were present on the ps2 in the first place obviously)

on a side note shadow of the colossus is finally working good and OmG does it look incredible

NecrumSlavery2791d ago

How is one game a collection? A poilished up game added along would be nice. Or making Killzone a PSN title would work too.

Fanb0y2791d ago

Have fun till the 'future' games come, son.

HolyOrangeCows2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Just report the PC trolls and move on.
Their PC Gaming Setups are just so awesome, that they have to use them to talk about it on N4G instead of playing games.
(And don't try to reverse that on one me, I play my games on my consoles/handhelds when I'm on N4G)

They don't have it in the works, so they say, but something tells me they'll make a remastered edition eventually.

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NastyLeftHook2791d ago

MMMMMM tech tech tech technology technology, mmmmmmmm8800gtx, thats all i have in life....mmmm.....8800gtx. STFU!

ImmortalLegend2791d ago

Although I wasn't a huge Killzone 2 fan, I must say that Killzone 1 was really ahead of its time!

iceman062791d ago

first off I think the hype of it being a Halo killer backfired and killed reviews. Secondly, I would say that it was a good game. The AI was pretty advanced...there was flanking and cover fire (while other bots attempted to flank). The story was decent. Like I said, had it not been for the comparisons to might have had a chance review-wise.

FreeFalling2791d ago

Killzone 2 is what made the franchise what it is; the only reason I suppose Killzone 1 would be remastered in HD was for story's sake.

kraze072791d ago

You got it backwards my friend. Besides the visuals and physics KZ1 is a better game in every other way.

BattleAxe2791d ago

I would definitely buy a Killzone HD remake.

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knight6262791d ago

i think they are targeting series meaning most have at least 2 games on ps2

chidori6662791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

sad day for me.. :/
I honestly am dissipointed sometimes in sony...

Man the graphics are so fucking awesome on this game for the PS2 ( best fps of ps2)and the animation is just amazing...

siyrobbo2791d ago

they could always make it a psn release. I suppose gg are too busy with kz3

topgeareasy2791d ago

or limited edition

for killzone 3

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