Rumour: Silicon Knights Developing Multiplatform RPG

If a recent job listing is anything to go by, Too Human developer Silicon Knights could be working on a multiplatform RPG.

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mjolliffe2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Thing is, Too Human 2 is supposedly an Xbox 360 exclusive, but this claims the projects to be multiplatform.

Maybe they've shifted it to being a Microsoft exclusive: Xbox 360, PC?

@Below - I'm sorry, Games for Windows maybe?

ClownBelt2825d ago

Microsoft exclusive? PC is owned by Microsoft huh? kk

kissmeimgreek2825d ago

He meant games for windows LIVE exclusive. it should be pretty obvious.

and are they really gonna make another one? i thought the last one didnt do to hot... how do we know MS didnt cancel the trilogy and silicon knights isnt working on a new game?

blue7xx72825d ago

Well it wouldn't surprise me that Microsoft decided to not support them after the failure that was Too Human. Who would.

mrv3212825d ago

I'm surprised Microsoft supports them, they closed down the team behind Halo: Wars which actually sold fairly well indeed.

kissmeimgreek2825d ago

Yes but they announced that studio would be closed down way before Halo Wars was even released.

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rubarb232825d ago

no more of that. That game was balls

2825d ago
ElementX2825d ago

Expect a release date sometime in 2016

KingPin2825d ago

2016 is a bit soon! im guessing theyl wait for duke nukem forever and release it after that! just so sales can show off how great their game is! :P

maniacmayhem2825d ago

Do they still have the rights to Legacy of Cain...or is that Eidos.
Regardless a remake or a new Legacy of Cain would kill!

scruffy_bear2825d ago

Doesnt eidos still own the Legacy of Kain

garos822825d ago

would be awesome :) or even soul reaver

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The story is too old to be commented.