The Blogger Who Cried WoW Killer

DualShockers writes, "Since EA’s press conference there have been whispers around the forums that Star Wars: The Old Republic could be the next to get a shot a being the fabled World of Warcraft killer. While it may be a possibility, I think its a little to early to be crying WoW killer. All that we have seen from SW:TOR are two trailers and bits and pieces of game play demoed at E3..."

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booni32944d ago

i think that if any franchise name has the potential to fell WoW, it is indeed star wars.

xYLeinen2944d ago

Don't take that lighty..

Old republic will not be as major PvE based as WoW is. And there is a LOT who play WoW for PvE. I'm talking about raids and end game stuff not the questing up with friends etc.

Panthers2944d ago

I think you are very wrong about the whole PVE thing. Bioware seems only concerned with PvE, which is great with me because I dont care for RPG PVP. I mean the only thing Bioware is talking about is story, which is PvE. I am not sure how raiding will work, but I am sure it will be a major part of the game.

Spydiggity2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

but since the 3 newer movies came out, i've noticed a lot of the hype around star wars die down. combine that with a lot of crappy games that have been released in the last decade and i don't see the threat these days.

i think this game will do what every other mildly anticipated mmo does. have a small appeal to a limited audience, see a minor amount of growth for the first 6 months, then everyone will flock back to wow realizing that if they are going to play an MMORPG, it might as well be the one they've already invested 5 years in.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Old Republic

Final Fantasy XIV Online ( http://www.develop-online.n... )

Guild Wars 2.

Panthers2944d ago

It seems to me that the only things going for FF 14 are graphics and the FF title. If it is like FF 11 then meh.

GrilledCheeseBook2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

i think FFXIV and Guild Wars 2 will have there own dedicated strong following but WoW will live long for a long time like Everquest

it'll probably go WoW then TOR and then after that it is a battle for third not counting free to play
I'm thinking anyone bored of WoW will probably go to TOR

once TOR comes out the only MMO that has potential to topple WoW and TOR will probably either be the Fallout MMO or the Warhammer 40k MMO

Hitman07692944d ago

Interesting to see how this plays out!!!

Ninferno2944d ago

i dont think it'll be a wow killer, but good try

thevokillist2944d ago

Star Wars does have the big name, but will it bring in the big bucks and succeed WoW? Only time could tell.

Myze2944d ago

I think the big factor will be how good the actual game is. Have to remember than WoW is really the only MMORPG that has been really well received by critics.

Bioware does not release bad games, like Blizzard, so I have high hopes for TOR. If the game can get 2-4 million subs early on, and the game is actually good all the way through, word of mouth will massively affect those numbers (no pun intended). I know many WoW players that would love to play a different game but can't find one that offers what WoW does. Most of them have went to another game at one time or another, but then went back to WoW when they found out the game was way too repetitive and lost it's luster, instead of building up to something better.

Take Aion, for example. Great game for the first 20-25 levels, great graphics, etc., but 35-40+ was ridiculously boring. The endgame was pvp, but extremely repetitious and boring doing sieges all the time. Maybe the game has changed now, but it's too late now.

That's something that happens way too often with these games. They release too early to draw in those purchases, but forget that MMO's are all about subscription fees. They release the game with tons of promises on it's tail about things to come. Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, etc. They started off with great numbers, but those numbers drove into the dirt when people started to notice all the bugs, WoW gameplay that wasn't as good as WoW, little to no endgame content, etc.

TOR seems different, because one, they are taking plenty of time to get the game right. Two, it's from Bioware, a company that has a track record that I trust. Three, they are putting a TON of effort into this game to make sure it's really good (thankfully, the vast majority of that effort is PvE), and I think they said it would be the most expensive game they've ever made (everyone is voice acted...sounds simple, but something I wish every game did).

While I will probably try out FFXIV, DC Online, and Cataclysm, the MMORPG I'm waiting on the most is by far The Old Republic.

Taran2944d ago

I am torn between my love for the Star Wars Universe and all the hours I already have in WoW.

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