More hints that Gran Turismo 5 standard cars do not support interior views

An update of the us Gran Turismo site give us a hint to a potential bad news.
The following sentence has been added "Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views" which seems to indicate that the game might indeed not allow us to drive all the cars in our favorite view.

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ClownBelt2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I believe this was the exact article where Kotaku based their assumption except it was on Japanese.

But you can't call this "More hints" when this was the original article that started all this issues...

deadpoole2764d ago

I dont give a 2 $hits about interior view ... I wanna enjoy this awesome game ... 200+ premium cars are more then enough for me to droll over.

What I wanna know is whether it got snowy or rain weather effect.
And what antialiasing is GT5 using ... is it MLAA?.

Any info about this 2 question will be gr8ly appreciated.

Richard Cypher2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I would say yes to snow and rain (according to recent Shuhei Yoshida interview).

As for MLAA, nobody knows, at least not me :P

DERKADER2764d ago

The real is question is whether the interior camera is not allowed or just the interior is blacked out on standard cars.

According to the official website:
*Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.

This scares, me how can you expect to have a first class racing game where 80% of the cars don't have and interior cam angle. I don't mind if the interior is blacked out but a first person view is a must for sim Racing.

deadpoole2764d ago

Richard Cypher .. thank you dude, this game is just gonna be epic. Reason I asked rain and snow was cuz I was watchin PGR4 vids on youtube and couple of its maps featuring Rain and Fog were lookin amazingly awesome. As GT5 is in league of its own so I was thinkin that if they have rain, snow and fog ... then this is gonna be the ultimate of all racing sim games.

ShinMaster2764d ago

It was posted back in Jun 16th. Why now?

Shadow Flare2764d ago

There is no way polyphony would release GT5 withour cockpit views in 800 cars

ShinMaster2764d ago

I only truly cared for about 100 or so cars back in GT4, maybe more.

So if 200+ of them are premium with fully detailed interiors in GT5, is more than enough for me.
In my personal opinion.

exnihilonihilfit2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Does not mean that you can't drive the car from within, it means you can't look around inside the car.

The premium cars allow you to look around at every inch of the interior so that you can see what they did to replicated the original car. Since they didn't do that for the standard cars, you can't look around in them. You can still drive the car from behind the steering wheel though. I really don't understand what's so hard to get about that.

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Richard Cypher2764d ago

Yes, but there was still the translation issue.
This "official translation" seems to confirm what some of us fear :(.

Parapraxis2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )
See the interiors under the crumpled hood?
YES THOSE INTERIORS, this has nothing to do with cockpit view, it has to do with the damage modelling and how much of the cars internal body is exposed.

Polyphony has confirmed there is a cockpit view in ALL cars!

EDIT: Disagrees can feel free to bookmark this comment, you'll see I'm 100% right.

Downtown boogey2764d ago

Yeah I thought it was confirmed too... The interiors in the 800 standard cars are just not unique or represent their corresponding car models.

webeblazing2764d ago

these articles are here for a reason i wonder what cause PD keeping telling the media and they choose to act like they cant read. like i said i wonder

IHateYouFanboys2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

how can you still say that Parapraxis? this is an article from the official gran turismo website. it flat out says:

"*Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views."

and dont say it means theres no under-panel damage, because there is no under-panel damage VIEW. you can see it, but its not a view. a 'view' is the camera position used while playing. my guess is the most 'realistic' and closest to in-car view will again be the front of the bumper cam.

also, its been 5 years and we havent seen a SINGLE screenshot or video showing an interior of a standard car.

we also know now that all the standard cars are the exact GT4 car models but upscaled. these models did NOT have modelled interiors.

so lets look at the facts....

1. Polyphony Digital tells us the standard cars do not have interiors.
2. we have seen no evidence at all saying they do have interiors.
3. the car models that are used are the GT4 models, none of which had interiors.

from that evidence, its pretty obviously pointing to them NOT having interiors.

Bloodraid2764d ago

Erm; wasn't there recently another article posted on N4G that was an official announcement that all cards supported an interior view, though the non-premium ones were generic..?

EvilBlackCat2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

IS a BAD thing TO OVER HYPE A GAME so much!

its ok to be a fan people but just let the game come out with all features confirmed and then get hyped to the max.

yewles12764d ago

This from a fan of a game that requires a "PATCH" for driver animations...

raztad2764d ago


EvilBlack is right. See what happened with Forza 3. Fans were sorely disappointed on the so called definite racing sim this gen.

800 cars lacking cockpit is not ok, this is still a rumor tho. I expect the maximum quality from PD and GT5 is providing a lot more than just cars cockpit. Lets see.

ShinMaster2764d ago

If Standard cars looked like this from inside:
Then it's not worth it. I'd rather there be no interior view.

iPad2764d ago

The cars from Gran Turismo 5: Prolouge are standard cars. They have cockpit view.

The standard cars won't have interior damage.

Mr Marbles2764d ago

This was the game that was supposed to change everything and put games like Forza to sleep, and it doesn't even have interior views?!? They had 5 years for the love of Pete! Oh but it's got useless nascar. I kinda hoped this wasn't true but when you see it on their own website, then its no denying it.

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Richard Cypher2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I really hope its some kind of translation mistake.
But i'm less and less confident that the view will be there for standard cars.
Of course, there is already so much features confirmed and we can't have everything, but still ... cross fingers :(

LiquifiedArt2764d ago

if it literally has nothing at all, meaning, i have to have a camera set on the hood, rather then in the seat, it will be a bit of a bummer, but its GRAN-FREAKINTURISMO!

Its mine no matter what! lol.

Tony-A2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Will the fans really care? It'll still sell like hotcakes fresh out of the oven. I just want those 1,000+ cars, damn it!

I'll be damned if I don't buy it because I can't drive from the inside of some cars. After all, I'm sure it's either this or another 5 years for interior viewing. I want it NAO!

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