Kinect vs Playstation Move Roundtable Debate On Gamertag Radio

This week on Gamertag Radio:​

Which motion control will sell the most this holiday season 2010? Kinect vs Playstation Move roundtable debate.

Featuring: JVB ( mello32 ( & HipHopGamer ( http://www.hiphopgamershow....

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Apocalypse Shadow2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

no one here can say either way who is going to buy what or what will sell will all come down to marketing and who comes off with the "image" that you will have a greater time with the product they are pushing.but from what i can see....

sony has all the cards they need in their hand when it comes to motion.move not only is accurate,it is SHOWN as WORKING with casual and hardcore was SHOWN with gamers sitting down and standing was SHOWN that games are coming and are going to be cheaper from first party developers.not only that,but any game on the wii can be made and improved on in high definition and better accuracy for ps3.and can be played online in intense games like socom.

microsoft has SHOWN that they can have a big marketing blitz of a product not ready for public consumption.circus de soleil was a large smoke bomb and a huge hubble telescope mirror covering miming and pre-made videos that SHOWED human lag as the game did the actions before the player did.the product is getting backing from 360 core gamers that got to see no games made for them.they got to see more SHOW of a cute girl getting virtually was as bad as adding children to a tv show in it's later years to extend its syndication.totally cheap marketing trick.

did microsoft SHOW the price of the product?nope.did they SHOW it being used sitting down?nope.was it SHOWN with 4 player gameplay? gameplay?nope.was any casual game SHOWN at E3 having voice commands?nope.don't let the little girl fool ya.did microsoft SHOW that existing games can be played with it?nope.

for something that microsoft has said was worked on for years and will change gaming(another lie),the years of R&D was not good from what i saw.the truth is that they bought the tech recently to counter eye of judgement and eyepet and future camera games from sony because the vision cam didn't measure up.they can't jump to next gen like they want to because of the economy,so they have to extend 360's life because they got nowhere to go.

no matter how kinect sells,my money is on 20+ in house exclusive developers that have proved with awards and ps3,that they know how to make games for all genres.the product is accurate,doesn't hide behind smoke and mirrors(2 years in a row),and can easily add the top games from wii in high def to an existing catalog that can also be augmented to work.

ShinMaster2945d ago

All I know is that the Move is proven to work with "real" games, just like the Wii has.

Move can be implemented into many games and work.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I only see the same comments from different articles. The difference here, is now Audio.

But as a Core Gamer, I will buy Move without a doubt. Because of the games.

The only bad thing about Move, is the price, but that's all.

Kinect, no Core Games, no buy until I see a good Core Game for Kinect.

----------------------------- -----------------

About 3D, this guys don't know there are already 3DTVs to use without Glasses? Are not very commercial for now and cost more than $12000.

Just because Nintendo bring a portable 3D without Glasses and tiny screen, the same can not be applied for different reasons in TV with bigger screen and Technology.

Make sense why Companies are pushing 3DTVs with Glasses instead without Glasses. And one of those reasons is more cheaper and development.


Lol, a Guy defending Kinect and HHG defending Move.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Lol, the Guy defending Xbox 360 is just ridiculous. He is making some things up.

HHG it is also ridiculous, but not as much as the other guy.

Mista T2945d ago

color me surprised, HHG made pretty good points