Andy Gray Hints at Special Edition for F1 2010?

While we may be reading way too much into this, Andy Gray (Communications Manager at Codemasters) may have just hinted at the possibility of a Special Edition for F1 2010. Thanks to Twitter, the following exchange took place earlier today;

@AndyGray_ Any word on a special edition?

@SynGamer None yet. It’s a difficult area to be honest due to approvals. If we do one we want it to have real added value

@AndyGray_ All I ask is that the Special Edition is either import friendly or North America gets it as well.

@SynGamer Fingers crossed but the retailers control a lot of that. PS3 is region free though so that may help

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SynGamer2884d ago

It appears Codemasters wants to make a Special Edition but is having a hard time getting FOM to approve one...lame.