ZTGD: Medal of Honor Hands-On Multi-Player

Scorched Angel Writes: With Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 still getting add-ons, and the developers trying to keep them fresh in our minds, it’s hard for a game like Medal of Honor to stand out. I recently sat down with the multiplayer beta of the game on the PlayStation 3, and DICE is struggling to put together a solid multiplayer experience. The problem is that I can’t help but compare it to Bad Company 2 because it is made by the same developer, therefore it should feel like a DICE game. That’s where the issue lies, it doesn’t feel unique. It’s a good and competent shooter that takes components from other games and meshes them well, but I’m afraid that it might get lost in the shuffle.

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raztad2670d ago

Played some rounds yesterday. It feels good. Combat is hectic and very immersive. The sound is glorious. Like the weapon feeling and there is very little camping.

Kinda disappointed you cant shoot through walls, at least thin ones. Graphics are not that bad as I though initially (at least compared to MW) but jaggies hurt the eyes.

MRHARDON2670d ago

If you have a very realistic game like that, and its not running at 60 fps but at 30 fps I dont think they have anti analyzing because of the low frame rate, if they added it, I would expect a 20 fps game UNLESS its not included with the Beta and will be included with the final verison, I dont know.

COD can run at 60FPS and can have anti analyzing without frame rate drop because COD is not a hardware demanding game.

RememberThe3572670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

The guns seem too accurate and not powerful enough.

peowpeow2670d ago

Yeah I'd prefer a lot of recoil, and more power

kingjoker342670d ago

i havent been bothered to download that 300mb patch,
so i havent played the beta in like a week

2670d ago
Gago2670d ago

no amount of post beta fixing will save this game

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