E3 2010: Crysis 2 Preview - ZTGD

Odion Writes: "Holy Crap" were the only words that left my mouth as the demo for Crysis 2 ended and with good reason. Crytek isn't just creating a sequel they are building a game that looks like it will put a Michael Bay movie to shame.

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Cat2943d ago

"that looks like it will put a Michael Bay movie to shame"

I think I need to know more about this shame scale/ ;)

pangitkqb2943d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed both Crysis and Crysis: Warhead. It's also good to see Crytek bringing the series to consoles. I'll still go with PC, but a good series like this deserves broad exposure and those that never got to enjoy it on PC - largely because of the high end requirements - are in for a treat.

TABSF2943d ago

It will be fun for console gamers to experience Crysis and not just say it only good because it looks it

Really the on way to experience Crysis is on PC, in my opinion it was all EA doing to get Crytek on consoles but as long as it does not hinder the PC version the console gamers are welcome to it.

After seeing the 360 version I can only imagine how amazing the PC version will be

webeblazing2943d ago

still no pc gameplay e3 was 2 weeks ago

Odion2943d ago

the game was demoed on a PC

hoops2943d ago

This is shaping up to e quite the game. The graphics at least the PC version (and the game is not done yet) are by far the best I have seen