Steam 'Perils of Summer' sale: June 28th 1-day Deals

Jason Evangelho writes:
"Fact: There are over 350 kinds of sharks.
Fact: There are over 750 games for under $10 on Steam.

The 5th day of Steam's deep discounts and tempting bundles is upon us, and no doubt gamers across the country are beginning to shamelessly shed their cash, turning it over to Valve's digital distribution store. Though not the best day of the sale, there are some affordable standouts."

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Queasy2613d ago

My wallet screams in agony

killyourfm2613d ago

I plunked down for the Oddworld Pack (it was developed in my hometown and a great series) but other than that. meh.

Vip3r2613d ago

I got the Oddworld pack for £1.50 at Xmas. Good deal at £2 though. I just hope Mass Effect is on sale again.

peowpeow2613d ago

$5 Mass Effect x-mas sale FTMFW!

RedSky2612d ago

+1 person who bought the Oddworld pack. Also, all 5 episodes of Tales of Monkey Island was too hard to resist at $11 US.