The Ten All-Time Best Sniper Rifles

NG: There are guns which fall in behind the pack, and there are those which are pure unerring genius...

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marinelife92821d ago

Where is the Sniper rifle from Resistance that slowed down time.

Or the Killzone 2 sniper rifle that allowed you to aim (quickly and accurately) with the six axis.

vickers5002820d ago

Because in KZ2, you couldn't turn it off (as far as I'm aware, there might be a hidden option, but I'm not sure). And it's not that I suck with it (though I do suck with it, but that's not the reason I don't like it), it's just that some people don't sit straight and with proper posture when playing video games.

I myself sit in a leaned back chair when I do my gaming, so using the six axis in my position is not really an option. The gun DOES have one of the best designs and scope designs I have ever seen though, I'll give it that.

TheXgamerLive2820d ago

then the very best sniper rifles ever made in gaming will be out.

Sniper Ghost Warrior on the Xbox 360/PC.

FACTUAL evidence2821d ago

is the Fareye from R2? Don't forget RE5's dragunov.......mmmmm..luscious !

KozmoOchez2820d ago

go play that game and get the Terror Sniper Rifle...that thing was beast, and of course Resistance has probably the best sniper that slows down time

Red Dead...come on, that was such a weak/lame sniper rifle compared to others..and how can none of the sniper rifles from SOCOM be on that list? Maybe b/c it was too real. OH...BORDERLANDS!!!! those sniper rifles were insane crazy! Eridian sniper that shocked your target multiple times after one shot! Man this guys list blows

solar2820d ago

how on earth you can have a "best sniper rifle" list and have 3 games released in the last half year on it is just o.O let alone no AWP or Scout.

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TheHomerPimpson2821d ago

I really expected to see it as #1. Definitely surprised to see it not make the list, everyone's forgotten Counter-Strike I guess.

RyuDrinksTheDew2821d ago

its top 10 lists all this site does?

redDevil872821d ago

I wanna see someone grow some balls and do a top 7 lol

cain1412821d ago

It's getting annoying...

SixZeroFour2821d ago

considering this is what i see on their front page (on the right)

The Top Five Worst PS3 (Investigation, PS3)

The Ten Worst Console (Top Ten, Multi)

Top Ten Secrets: Red Dead (Top Ten, Multi)

The 25 Ugliest Games Of (Investigation, Multi)

The Ten Most Annoying (Top Ten, Multi)
i guess its their specialty :S

scruffy_bear2821d ago

Yeah I'm sick to death with all the top ten lists Nowgamer have done over the last few days

gamerzBEreal172820d ago

where the hell is the M40A1! most simple and the best sniper imo atleast should have been in top 10

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redDevil872821d ago

The resistance sniper rifle so was much fun to use!

Slowing down time, waiting for the right spot to shoot then ... BOOM! :)

SOAD2821d ago

There was no challenge in it.

redDevil872821d ago

But i liked it because it was just fun to use

games4fun2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

the challenge in R1 was knowing when to use it, because of how scarce the ammo was sometimes. On the higher difficulty levels if you waste it on normal enemies then you would be out of luck later on.

Mista T2821d ago

Farsight from Perfect Dark was amazing

hoops2820d ago

Hell ya. Loved that gun.

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