In Defense of Infinity Ward Splintering

GameZone takes a look at the splintering, closing, and restructuring of game developers, and why it isn't always a bad thing for gamers.

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Blaze9292759d ago

I suspect Activision will just merge them and Treyarch - which would be awesome if I do say so myself. Both are talented and together 'should' bring some cool games.

unrealgamer582759d ago

Man I think It's IW all over again with treyarch

babydest2759d ago

I think merging is good when two company's combine makes it even better. I'm looking forward to some great games...

barrel2759d ago

Well let's hope the gamer's are the winner's. I mean the teams may be talented but I wonder if they will receive support needed to make the high quality game titles they want to make, considering how big the companies they decided branched off from were(are).

r1sh122759d ago

Infinity Ward will close, no doubt.
Even if they release another call of duty game, I dont think Im gonna buy it.
MW2 is soooo bad, they havent fixed half the issues.
Treyarch are good, and if any infinty ward fanboy tells me they arent, all I have to say is look at painkiller, danger close, commando.
Machine pistols with the same damage as assault rifles.....

Majors2759d ago

But dont IW and Treyarch hate each other ??
I think Treyarch makes the most 'solid' multiplayer out of the two and IW could learn something from them in this area.

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The story is too old to be commented.