Gears of War PC interview: GoW looks better than Crysis on current PCs, says Mark Rein

In the August 2007 issue of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, GFW's Shawn Elliott spoke with Epic vice president Mark Rein about the PC version of Gears of War, Games for Windows Live, and lots more.

GFW: [...] Of course, Crysis is coming out. We'll see if that makes it out... Not necessarily declaring one or the other better-looking right off the bat, but...

Mark Rein: If that's the quote you want, is Crysis better-looking than Gears of War? I don't think so. It's different. It looks great in its own way, but does it top the graphics bar for Gears of War? No.
Mark Rein: That's my challenge: Let's see when it ships how great it looks on the PC you own. That's the thing, do I think Gears of War will look better than Crysis on the PCs people actually own? Yes. But that's OK. Neither of them's gonna look bad. I'm not saying Crysis is a slouch by any stretch of the imagination; it's gonna look great, but it's a different look. We're a more stylized game. We take some liberties with realism that they can't take with their forests and trees and stuff that they're doing. It's just a different game.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3917d ago

Its good to hear Gears still got it after all this time its been out. (But I'm still pi$$ed off that the extra content won't make it to XBL)

gta_cb3917d ago

i agree, and suprised that they have been working on Crysis for such a long ammount of time. and yeh shame the Xbox 360 isnt getting the extra content. but it isnt going to stop me from playing Gears, infact i have just been playing it for the last couple hours, even after having it for about half a year! Great Game!

nasim3917d ago

there is no doubt abt that

LAIR looks much better than GEARS and as good as CRYSIS

MADGameR3916d ago

GoW looks better than Crysis? ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smells like weed rolled with bullsh1t! Crysis looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than GoW.

Nostradavis3917d ago

Crysis is more than just looks. The big difference between these two games is that one allows you to interact with your environment like never before and allows for render distances that can not be equaled with another engine at this time.

MannyHarlem1413917d ago

*cough* bullshit *Cough*... those textures had better not pop like on the 360 version.. that pissed me off. the unreal engine isn't all that it's cracked up to be... just ask silicon nights

DeadlyFire3917d ago

I don't entirely believe the game will look much or any better than Crysis. They both will be sporting DX10 so really it won't be much difference, just different environments really. Gears of War is all urban with no plants or daylight. Crysis is all Jungle with nothing but plants and few buildings. Crysis does have something though with physics that I don't think I have seen much of in Gears of War.

aaquib23917d ago

GoW will look a LOT better on PC than 360 according to that interview. GoW looks spectacular on 360, and to significantly improve it(RAM, DX10, etc.) should look better than Crysis IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.