PSP Go: Don't worry, I still love you

Bit-tramp writes: "PSP Go has ambition when it comes to the gaming industry, the first dedicated gaming device to go digital download, at a time where we’re probably not ready and by we, I mean you whiney lot. You don’t like the PSP Go, for several reasons, a few of them are perfectly valid.

The poor PSP Go has been ignored, ridiculed and Sony received a slamming by the media for this attempt, but I still stick by this little device and I now have a place to justify my love, so I will."

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Miraak82 2798d ago

if they price is right then I'll get one, but 250 is too high

Dramscus2798d ago

yeah I didn't get that, should have been the same price as the other one. I mean when you think about it it's got less parts inside it. It's piracy proof, if it had been the same price it would have sold quite well.
They decided however to price it at 50 dollars less than a ps3.

PSjesus2798d ago

But believe me if it's CFW enabled,GO well sell like a hot cake
Or simply SONY lowered the price to 129$.

Handhelds_FTW2798d ago

I hope Sony continues to to support digital content throughout the PSP lifespan.