Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer Details

Cory Davis from Yager has told IncGamers that we can expect a multiplayer mode which will tie into the story and the campaign.

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Dorjan2826d ago

The line is such a lame name

Kingdom Come2826d ago

It's a Sub-Title, get it right...

Kingdom Come2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Another TPS for me to delve in to, fantastic, another game for my favourite genre. I have been highly anticipating this game for a long time now and I can't see it dissapointing my expectations with the direction the developers are taking it in. I just hope the game manages to maintain the eerie, uncomfortable feeling the Debut trailer gave many.
Co-Op is something that can never fail to appeal to an audience, however I'm hoping for some Gripping Competative Online Modes also. With the setting and the snad interference within the gameplay, Maps could be hazardous to the gamer whilst fighting foes, the possibilities are endless...

likedamaster2826d ago

Surprisingly well said. +1

Leord2826d ago

I really like multiplayer campaign games :)

jagstatboy2826d ago

a modern shooter that's not from the usual suspects. I'm willing to bet Take 2 Interactive and 2K Games will do a great job. Can't wait.

Chazmers2826d ago

i have high hopes for this game hopefully it doesn't disappoint!

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