WCG Quiver Shoot-Out 2 in New York City Coverage

François Chang, Contributing Editor of DualShockers writes, "Yesterday, June 26, 2010, saw the kicked off of WCG Quiver Shoot-Out 2 presented by Dust-Off. Kicked off was a weekend of Counter-Strike, Modern Warfare 2 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Yes, not only were there tournaments going on, but the World Cup was being played on the other half of the Samsung Experience in New York City. Talk about a good start to a great weekend..."

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Hitman07692826d ago

Looks interesting, I definitely would have liked to partake in some CounterStrike as well as Modern Warfare 2 action!!!

Ninferno2826d ago

looks like it was alot of fun

booni32826d ago

they didnt have battlefield


thevokillist2826d ago

Seriously! I would have liked to have partaken in this action as well. I could have put my 10th prestige work into full effect!

Hitman07692826d ago

At least you aren't one of the ones who hacked to get theirs lol.