Red Dead Redemption has the best ending of any game ever

Find out why one editor believes this so much, he actually cried during it

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Simon_Brezhnev2944d ago

its a good ending but not the best. I'm not even sure what game has the best ending its a lot of games with great ending. I prefer tragedy endings since it leaves a bigger impact.

Man In Black2944d ago

The sheer brass ballsiness of it.

One of my other favourites is the one from MGS3. Fucking devastating.

UNCyrus2944d ago

"What's a 10?"
"Clowns, really?!!?"

Rumor2943d ago

After the 8 hours spent with John...BOOM it happens. Really a good one. I loved that remember my family mission also

Man In Black2943d ago

Man, you should've spent some time on the side stuff instead of rushing through :P

sixaxis2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

it was epic ending, definitely one of my favourite endings, and very memorable.althought many gamers say otherwise. also very unexpected thing happened at the end.

kneon2944d ago

I thought it was all very predictable. Except for the stupid scene at the barn where John just steps out and gets killed. That was just dumb. Having fought off hordes of soldiers why wouldn't he continue to try and fight them off? That scene could have been epic but they blew it. As for the revenge mission, as soon as I re-spawned as Jack I knew that's where we'd end up.

Man In Black2944d ago

If he died, it would mean that they wouldn't try to go after his family.

Plus, it was important to the story, because it was symbolic of the death of the Old West. Well, in my opinion at least.

kneon2944d ago

I have no problem with the fact that John died, it was the way it happened. He didn't even put up a fight. He was trying to save his family, even if he knew he had no chance of surviving he would have kept them busy as long as possible to give Jack and Abigail as long a head start as possible.

ReservoirDog3162944d ago

I really gotta say, the ending has really really stuck with me weeks after I finished it.

I mean I loved a lot of game's and movie's endings and I'm not saying this is any better or any worse than those but I really do think about it at least once everyday.

That's gotta say something.

stuntman_mike2944d ago

Same here it does stay with you a very haunting experience, i think its because as a player you invest a lot of time with john marston and his a well made character.

also i loved getting revenge at the end.

OneSneakyMofo2944d ago

Best ending is Portal's rolling credits.

aaron58292944d ago

1) FFX
2) MGS 3
3) MGS 4

In my humble opinion.

pimpmaster2943d ago

i agree, MGS3 ending was mind blowing. RDR ending sucked cause it was really bad at setting a mood.

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Newtype2944d ago

Meh, GTV3 had a better ending. Hated GTA4's.

-MD-2944d ago

I need to finish it then.

KaBaW2944d ago

Me, as well as a fried of mine, greatly enjoyed the ending of Red Dead Redemption.
We both agreed that it was an amazing ending. It was terrific.

Mexico6192944d ago

i almost cried during the ending. it was just so powerful and so sudden to me.

aaron58292944d ago

I know some people missed the "real" ending....

pimpmaster2943d ago


you have got to be kidding me, that ending was lame. they tried making a sad ending and failed miserably, i didnt cry or even feel sad. just made me mad that he died but that was it. if you wana see a REAL sad ending play mgs3, that game will make you weep.

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