GameZone - Risk: Factions Review

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski wages warfare on cats, zombies, and even yetis in this updated console version of the classic board game, Risk: Factions. With a single player campaign, online multiplayer, and the ability to play classic Risk, should this console version replace your classic game board?

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Blaze9292668d ago

gotta try out the trial

Caspel2668d ago

I'll take whatever I can get with the RISK IP.

mistermostyn2666d ago

Not sure about Risk as a boardgame conversion. I think I prefer the shock of seeing an opponent's fury directed at me over a board on a table as opposed to through a hurled controller.

Plus, you can't reach for the power button on a boardgame -- though flipping the board and killing the game is always an option. :)

kimvidard2665d ago

I've heard only good thingd about the faction mode.