E3 10 Preview: EyePet 3D With Move -

Sarah LeBoeuf of writes: "Last summer, I got an early look at Sony’s EyePet, the virtual pet “game” that uses the PlayStation Eye to bring an adorable creature to life on the PS3. Using the system’s camera to recreate the player’s settings, EyePet placed a furry little creature on the coffee table reflected in the television, allowing those present to interact with it in a number of ways. Though I had some concerns, like whether or not the set-up of most living rooms would be practical for use with EyePet, I thought it showed promise, could appeal to a wide range of gamers, and of course, that it was completely adorable. Then the game was inexplicably delayed, resurfacing at E3 2010 with some pretty big additions: Move support and 3D graphics. However, the new features did not necessarily improve the experience."

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