Soloing With Rise of the Six String

Brian Rowe of GameZone was able get his hands on Power Gig. Aiming to provide true realism to the rhythm genre, Rise of the Six String gives players a real guitar, instead of a controller. Does this rhythm game bring something new to the table, or is it too late?

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Blaze9292940d ago

game doesn't look that hot

Kroganwrex2940d ago

Doesnt look too bad if you ask me. Great idea.

Caspel2940d ago

The preview video at their official site is ridiculous. Dude has too many rings on.

UndeadAreGo2940d ago

Motion-sensing drums don't exactly sound like a good idea.

mistermostyn2939d ago

Seems that Power Gig, and even Rock Band 3 with its strung guitar, are more instrument trainers than videogames. Is substituting frustration for fun really the future for those of us not so musically inclined?

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