IncGamers TV: Brink E3 Dev Interview

Ed Stern, writer of scripts and funny man of Splash Damage, tells us how the game has progressed over the last few months

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Dorjan2944d ago

He seems like a really nice bloke :D

As for brink, he is modest about their roots which is very important :D

Chazmers2944d ago

i cannot wait for Brink, why did they have to delay it till 2011 :(

Leord2944d ago

Only thing bad with brink is the release date...

DA_SHREDDER2944d ago

I dont see what is the big about this game? Graphics, acrobatics, I dont care what smoke and mirrors this game puts out. I haven't heard them say one thing it brings to the table besides "teh graphics" and "Oh, it likes Mirros Edge". I haven't heard them say one thing about the online, and thats why right now I feel like its just another shooter. Its just trying to prove the 360 can do good graphics.