Medal of Honor PS3 Beta patch now live across Europe

GamerZines writes:

EA have just announced that the patch they released across North America for the PlayStation 3 version of the Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta last Friday, has now been made live for Europe.

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cobraagent2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

How can i get this beta for ps3 or pc? I don't want to preorder or complete any surveys. If you happen to have a code yourself(not already used of course) i would be greatful if you could private message me Thanks in advance
I have also read a lot of comments about the freezing, is it really that bad?

Fishy Fingers2730d ago

Without a pre-order your best chance is to win one from a website. Just pre-order, get the code and then cancel the pre-order, they dont even take money from your account until just before launch.

And yes, the freezing is (was) bad, very bad, but thats the main purpose of this patch, to stop it.

cobraagent2730d ago

there is a site that gives away beta codes but in order to access them i need to complete surveys and i can't unfortunately due to my region. If anyone is avaiable to do that for me and give me the code can pm me. I don't like preordering because it involves credit cards=real money and if something goes wrong...

Hideo_Kojima2730d ago

gamespot game a lot of them out to everyone all you had to do is register with gamespot they might still do that

Fishy Fingers2730d ago

F**k yeah! Been checking all day at working hoping they'd of released a patch, all but gave up hope, quick look on N4G before I leave and.... :)

coolcole932730d ago

Maybe they've patched it to not be so shit?

dalibor2730d ago

To early for a comment like that. Judge the game after release when it's fully done. I like how it's hard to get knife kills & noobtube people in MOH. Hopefully it will turn out into a good game. See ya in the beta troopers!!

Hideo_Kojima2730d ago

I liked the game the errors were annoying but that is what BETAs are for.

rekof2730d ago

anyone has spare beta key ,.. Would like to Give it a try, since its dice,..

St02730d ago

Just preorder then cancel after you receive the code

william25022730d ago

Or check your inbox. It would appear Santa Codes has come early this year.

cobraagent2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Thank you so much!!! You seem to have a lot of beta keys... And again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! +Bubbles

Scotland-The-Brave2730d ago

hey, would you manage to give me a code for the beta? or tell me how to get myself one, i dont want to preorder and cancel, would be greatly appreciated,

mac4u102730d ago

Hi is there anyone who has spare beta key, Please.
I preordered it a month ago and still haven't received a beta key :(

*Bubbles will be rewarded for kindness.

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The story is too old to be commented.