Interview: Livin' Free with Guild Wars

To the three co-founders of Guild Wars house ArenaNet, having no monthly fee has a greater effect on actual design decisions than you might think.

"If any of the users feel like they'd like to pay more fees, I can just supply my bank account number and they can deposit it directly."

ArenaNet co-founder Pat Wyatt (who was in a former life Blizzard's VP of research and development) knows that there are plenty of gamers out there who would gladly pay a monthly subscription fee to play the studio's bread-and-butter Guild Wars franchise.

But Bellevue, Wash.-based ArenaNet and publisher NCsoft don't charge a subscription fee, and it's been that way since the game launched in 2005. Since then, the Guild Wars franchise has sold over 3.5 million units across three different role-playing campaigns.

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