Jones 'Positive' On APB For Consoles

NowGamer: Realtime Worlds' ambitious crime action online game may go live on Thursday, but studio founder Dave Jones is still positive a version could hit consoles...

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Kingdom Come2765d ago

I'm gonna wait for a Console version. I dont play much Online on the PC so this would be better suited for the 360 for me personaly as it allows me to play the game with friends of whom their PC won't be abe to play the game.

Arnon2764d ago

>Don't play online


Simon_Brezhnev2765d ago

PC Beta was fun just wonder how their going to do the console versions. I do like their subscription fee idea purchase hours or unlimited monthly. I wish in DC Universe you can purchase hours.

whothedog2765d ago

Purchasing hours seems pointless, how much is it for an hour compared to unlimited?

Me personally, I don't believe I will ever spend a monthly fee on an online game again. I like MMO's a lot but I just wish they would find another way. I was really interested DCUO but not after I heard they were charging a monthly fee.

Even advertisements in the game I think would be better, or micro-transactions, or both. But than in micro-transactions you risk gimping the game for people that don't want to buy certain items.

Just my opinion though, I know not everyone feels the same.

blackpanther252765d ago

i was in the beta for a little but i stop because cops were spamming the tranqs and people were making super skinny that still happening?

NegativeCreepWA2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Skinny toons don't mater the hit boxes are the same for everyone. And if you were stunned you would of been dead in the first place.

The auto beanbag gun was nerfed which ruined it because it wasn't over powered.

BlackIceJoe2765d ago

I hope APB comes to the PS3 & 360 too. I would like to give the game a try on the consoles. I think it would be great. Because then I can sit on the couch & play the game on a big screen TV. So I hope Realtime Worlds does bring the game to the consoles.

kissmeimgreek2764d ago

dunno if it would come to ps3... it was announced for pc and 360 but who knows.

bobdog6262764d ago

The Game looks Great .I saw the Trailer and im Hooked

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The story is too old to be commented.