Rare Minion: Kinect Impressions

Via Rare Minion: "So after hearing that one of the four places that had Kinect on display was Arizona, I knew I had to go no matter where the store was. Arizona is like only 6 hours wide and tall in all directions so it would be no problem. Well I get in my car and drive to the mall that has the Microsoft store displaying Kinect. When I walk in I am looking for some small kiosk in the corner but I didn't look too long as right dead center in the back of the store was a huge TV with a ton of people around it screaming, jumping and laughing."

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Obama2943d ago

"I was hoping to see Kinect Sports but I thought at least I get to try Kinect out."

Really? I was hoping to see a real game.

N4GAddict2943d ago

Kienct will be a tough sell at $150

logikil2943d ago

You would think that would be the case, but I went to the event at the store in Denver at Park Meadows. Honestly, little kids and parents that were a few years removed from myself were actually rather taken by it. The younger kids were having a ball with it. So the aim at the casual market is a solid one by MS. Frankly I don't think it will price out at $150 (at least i'm hoping it doesn't.) If they come in at $100 or maybe even $120, and market it like I figure they will, It will do just fine judging by the reactions. I would have preferred to get a shot at Dance Central or Child of Eden, but Kinect Adventures wasn't all that bad.

PandemicPrawn02943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

you have used it?

tell us, how was it?

kissmeimgreek2943d ago

To me, $125 is the sweet (and most realistic low peice) for me. I think id still buy it for 150 though. It looks like fun for the whole family (Me included haha) and the dashboard and media features just sweeten the deal.

Inside_out2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Why would it be tough...Rockband/guitar hero cost's more...Sony move cost's more( if you want to play with 2 people or more )...Wii fit cost's $100. Please, if it's something that people really want it's not that much. It's not like you need a new TV ( 3D ) or glasses that cost $150!! PLUS, a new motion controller that costs $180...LOL...M$ could be the big winner this Xmas. Wave and play. Every kid in the world is gonna want to pet the kitty.

Tron_Rocks2943d ago

All the Trolls and naysayers may gripe and whine now like little girls but in the end they will try and most of them will buy it whether they admit or not!

Bigpappy2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Just look at pre-orders on this thing already, and that is at $150. The only way you stand a chance at getting this day one, may be even this year, is to pre-order. This is a completely different experience from anything else out there. The thing is selling itself. Casuals especially are captivated by it. Watch the numbers by year end. I predict a sales record and a huge boost for 360 sales due to kinect and the 360S. M$ was smart to invest in this tech.
They had to differenciate themselves and this was the perfect way to do exactly that. Apple has "touch" and M$ now has "no touch". Wii has "Motion controllers", M$ has "Motion no controllers".
Sony did a great job with the Move, but the new customers they attract will be people who were looking for a more responsive and accurate Wii. I am not sure how big that pool is. Hard core guy are arguing about which is the better controller for core games. That is not what M$ is aiming for with Kinect. It is first and formost a tool to differenciate M$ entire entertainment devision, and to bring those millions of casuals to the 360 to grow the base. I think they will succeed.

PandemicPrawn02943d ago

A nice positive article.

This guy seemed to have a blast playing with Kinect. Perhaps you really do have to try it to understand how well it works.

However we are still getting differing reports on the lag or lack of.

This article says it was minimal while others have said it was borderline unplayable.
Perhaps lighting conditions play a part?

logikil2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

It was noticeable, but by no means unplayable. To the people playing though it didn't seem to make a difference. And I didn't really see anyone that wasn't having a fun time with it. Then again, these were by no means the hyper critical core gamer crowd. It was mainly younger kids and their parents.

The games I saw played were the Rafting game, the obstacle course, and the dodgeball game. I got a chance to play the Obstacle Course. The system didn't seem to have any issues picking up the people that were thrown in front of it, and there was only one glitch that occurred while i was watching. A younger boy I am guessing stepped too far out of the range of the camera and his avatar just kind of stopped moving and got stuck in mid air. Once he stepped back into range it picked him back up.

The gauge of this thing early on won't be how precise it is, literally it will come down to whether the people playing it were having fun, and in that regard they succeeded. That's not to say it didn't do a good job of keeping up with what people were doing, but with the obstacle course for instance there is a reason why the obstacles are close enough to not require you to make incredibly quick movements. If you are deliberate then it reads you just fine. Flash across the camera though and the avatars do wig out a bit :).

tiamat52943d ago

Sorry one positive article doesn't prove a thing. The Move also was enjoyed by regular people as well. Many people have complained about the Kinect's lack of games and I have watched the lag with my own eyes. Try again

logikil2943d ago

Everything is noticeable when you are the one watching, but having played it it is not a bother. And move has its issues with lag as well so it is by no means a perfect solution. Both have their place, each company just took a different approach. And your comment in a sea of negative comments from the general N4G public will do very little to affect the success of either.

PandemicPrawn02943d ago

While you are correct in saying that one positive article doesn't prove anything.

It should not be completely ignored either.

The verdict is still out on whether this thing works or not. And every preview and hands on article helps build a picture. Positive or negative.

Bigpappy2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

There are plenty of them posted her on N4G on a daily basis. You just chose to focus on the hate. They were positive before during and after E3 you just choose to keep coming up with reasons why it is all hype payed for by M$. You have 2 guys stating plainly that they have played with kinect and even pointed out that it is not perfect buy really fun. You can't leave that alone because it was not being said about the Move.
You have never used the thing but you choose to call out someone who has to call him a liar because you have seen video's on the internet. N4G has some amazingly ignorant people post here.

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