AtomicGamer: Brink Preview

AtomicGamer writes: "We've seen so many action games combine single player, cooperative, and competitive multiplayer modes in different ways over the years, ever since Doom turned late-night stays at work into LAN-fueled galleries of blood, rockets, and space marines. But in those 17 years since, we've never really seen a dedicated action game try and put all the aspects of an action game's online and offline modes together at the same time - and most importantly, make it work. Brink is the first game to give it a very serious try, with a dystopian future on a futuristic floating city that's seen better days. Every way you play the game is actually the same mode, and while developer Splash Damage (creator of the hit PC shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory) has mostly been showing off actual multiplayer modes, this year at E3 they decided to show off single player action that looked suspiciously like you were in a multiplayer match".

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