Move, Kinect shooters have ‘amazing potential’ - Brink dev

But no plans for Brink Implementation, says Splash Damage boss

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wiggles2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

How is Kinect good for shooters? Even in real life you need to hold an object to shoot someone...

Edit: @ Disagrees..conflicting opinions are welcome...

TheLeprachaun2764d ago

Use the controller for the main controls and kinect for things like squad commands, throwing grenades, HUD navigation?

wiggles2764d ago

But that would make Kinect more of an accessory...

Take Uncharted for example...The 6-Axis is used for balencing parts...a nice feature but certainly not required not to mention you get the controller for free with the console...

But then with Kinect you would be dropping $150 for basically the same functionality...yes it would be nice to use Kinect for that...but that wouldn't give it "amazing potential"

Gamefan122764d ago

isn't the point of kinect to be "controllers" ?

Gamefan122764d ago

blah darn it meant control less

TheLeprachaun2764d ago


Sure, and it wouldn't make or break the game, but it would certainly be fun. I think games that use both a controller and kinect together will be the only games which use kinect that core gamers will even enjoy.

I think there's a a lot of possibilities for this combo, and yes it'd be fairly expensive for not much more added utility. Still, I think it could be fun. Control your character with the main controller, and use your hands for other stuff like the things I mentioned above.

How about an rts/action game combo. You control your troops using kinect, then if you want to switch to control one one particular solider, you use the regular controller. I think the jumping back and forth between the two could be great fun. This is where kinect's real potential lies.

XactGamer2764d ago

You just said the same thing TheLeprachaun did

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deadreckoning6662764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

@Wiggles- I disagreed with you..and I'll tell you why.


@colonel179- Like I said, play before you judge. Its not about the technology, its about the developer. I guarantee you that 2011 will be flooded with hardcore Kinect games(yes, that includes shooters). For now, Microsoft is looking to sell Kinect's to the casual crowd. This reminds me so much of the PS3. Everyone doubted it, and look where its at now.

Patience is a virtue.

colonel1792764d ago

It's not about judging. Kinect is meant to be controller-free, according to MS, so having to use a controller defeats the purpose entirely for Kinect.

And it is impossible to have a shooter with only kinect, unless there's a joystick in the screen which you have to point at (kind of like how iphone games do)

2764d ago
wiggles2764d ago

It's physically impossible to play a shooter while only using do you aim? I am all for giving the other games a try on Kinect...but playing a shooter with Kinect as the controller is physically impossible...

MazzingerZ2764d ago

sometimes I wonder if they just don't want to sound as fans of a certain controller...most of them always answer that both controllers have potential within the same genres...

tiamat52764d ago

Yes that's great. Kinect will be great for shooters. But not for us. That is convincing.

iliimaster2764d ago

the title of this is hillarious.... "but they dont have nothing planned" the best part is they have hammered "you are the controler" so when they introduce some add ons what r they gna be able to say? because you cannot have a shooter with ur thumb and pointer finger

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blasian2764d ago

"Move, Kinect shooters have ‘amazing potential’ - Brink dev"
But we will not be using it.

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