Indie, Beating The Mainstream At Its Own Game "This is the golden age of indie. The past few years has seen an explosion of astounding independently developed games. Around the world, bedroom coders and small teams of devs are producing some of the most exciting, innovative and just plain fun experiences available. And what's more, with the maturation of digital distribution on consoles, PC and handheld devices, they're reaching ever larger audiences."

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jammers2766d ago

All the power to the indie crowd. They can make some of the most creative games out there.

Kyll2766d ago

my support of indie is here and there. there's a lot of crap out there on both sides

ShapelyChops2766d ago

Makes some great points though, even if games aren't perceived as art, they still need to bring SOMETHING new to the table so they don't stagnate and bore the audience. That being said, a lot of people seem to like buying the same junk over and over again!

mephman2766d ago

Yea, which really sends out the wrong message to publishers - take Sonic for example. People still buy it no matter how terrible the game is.

Sanrin2766d ago

Some Indie games have a phenomenal amount of heart and soul. Others are just crap, hoping to make a sale based off the fact that they're under the 'indie' label. It's the same as the movie industry, there are 'fun' movies and then there are 'fantastic' films. To each their own!

branchedout2766d ago

Without indie game companies, my platformer need would not be filled.
Thanks, Indie folks!

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