The Ultimate Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Guide Arrives on iTunes

The Modern Warfare 2 Ultimate Multiplayer guide is now available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. Written by industry veteran Chris Jensen, who has written over 30 guides for Prima, Brady and Sybex, this mammoth app covers every critical aspect of improving your multiplayer skills.

Enhance your kill/death ratio, learn about killer custom classes, how to work as a unit or launch a one-man war. Every gun, every perk, every Kill Streak, is explained in detail, with tons of tips and advice for veterans and noobs, alike.

This 11,000 word multiplayer manifesto is on sale for only $.99, available now on iTunes.

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Shmotz2824d ago

Hah I may have to get this for the price in itself.

Sk8boyP2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

and don't forget the silencer. Also, make sure you always run Marathon, SP and Ninja. Find a nice camping spot and don't move = 99% of MW2

Krew_922824d ago

A guide to play Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer? I mean its self explanatory just do your best and have fun! Who ever really cares about looking good with your stats all up needs to see games as a fun little side thing, when I play I, I play for friends not for being number one....