New Screenshots of Pokémon Black and White

Nintendo Japan release some new screenshots of Pokémon Black and White showing the unveiled Pokémons from the recent Pokémon Sunday video, a battle of the legendaries and more.

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portablegaming2942d ago

They show the 8 new Pokémon that one saw in the video.

Schneestern2942d ago

mmh the new pokémon look kinda strange : /

portablegaming2942d ago

Some of them are ugly like heck. They look like Digimon rather than Pokémon...

Bubble Buddy2941d ago

They're running out of ideas. After Johto, Pokemon slowly went downhill. Like how many legendaries are there now? They just keep trying to make the next legendary more and more powerful and the stories are now messed up.

Zyrando2942d ago

Cant see pokemon any longer

franktheprank2942d ago

the new pokemon looking awful

Nibbler2942d ago

3vs3? meeeh don't know, the 2vs2 was just putting up shilds...

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The story is too old to be commented.