Gamers By Nature: Three games you might have missed for each console

Branchedout at Gamers by Nature writes: "Well, you’ve probably heard of these games. At least. Played them? Probably not, and that’s why they’re here. I urge you to try and give all these a play. Most of them can be found sub 20 bucks. Heck, ebay or Amazon probably has them for 15 bucks! They’re worth that money, so I’d suggest you give ‘em a try. If all else, you can get a cheap filler for your game collection."

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Pug2915d ago

actually did ok over time. It started real slow but has kept chipping away hence the sequel. One of the first PS3 games I purchased and really enjoyed it.

PS3 owners just have too much choice, even these 'overlooked' ones banged in a 9/10.

mrcash2915d ago

I've been meaning to buy folklore, I played the demo and loved it, just seems like a great game.

Fuzia2915d ago

I have Folklore and Valkyria Chronicles.
They're both great fantasy games, and both bring something new and revolutionizing to gaming, although they both borrow from other genres. (:

Haven't tried Echochrome, but this makes me actually wanna go buy it. (:

2915d ago
dizzleK2915d ago

we need more edf titles please, even if they're just downloadable.

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