Get Creative With Your Fake Plastic Drums

Ex: If you're burned out playing someone else's beats on Rock Band or Guitar Hero, the inaugural product of All Seeing Eye Games may just be the solution.

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King Hippo2704d ago

Is this creative enough?

Queasy2704d ago

Haha...yeah, that's NSFW

killyourfm2704d ago

Why not? There's no nipples :-)

Queasy2704d ago

Ok, you invite your boss over to watch that!

Focker4202704d ago

Thats one lucky guy. :)

shadowdancer2704d ago

I'll wait for a review. It sure isn't eyecandy.

Queasy2704d ago

It's an indie game. They are usually known for their stunning graphics.

killyourfm2704d ago

I hope you meant "AREN'T" :-)

MxShade2704d ago

I love how the drummers look appropriately stoned.

CrzyFooL2703d ago

I downloaded the demo and played this and it sucks really really bad. I tried hard to like it even a little bit, but I simply could not.