The Ten Most Broken Games Of The Last Decade

NG: Sometimes bugs are funny, sometimes they're game-wrecking; here are the world's worst offenders...

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wicko2825d ago

Yeah, also I am surprised Fallout 3 didn't make the list.

FishCake9T42825d ago

Fallout 3 is so huge you have to forgive it for the bugs it has.

MpV352825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

If releasing a game on 5 or 6 platforms isn't an excuse, then neither is the size of its map. They decided to make it that big, so make it work. That game froze my PS3 soooo many times that I would have to replay a mission as much as three times. That's inexcusable. If New Vegas has these same problems then I will be severely upset and won't buy it.

SOAD2825d ago

I encountered only 2 game-breaking glitches on Fallout 3 in the 50 hours I played it.

And most of the games on that list aren't "broken."

Buggy is one thing, broken means that the game is unplayable.

djfullshred2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Just to add on the Fallout 3 issues...freezing glitches can indeed break the game. In my case, after many many freezes, the game ultimately froze seconds after a save. After rebooting the PS3 and restarting the game, it would instantly freeze at the same point. So I was stuck. Had to start over to even play the game.

DarkTower8052825d ago

It played perfectly for me and MANY others, and I played through the game twice.

wicko2825d ago

I'm not saying Fallout 3 is a bad game, I'm just saying its a bug-ridden. Buggy and broken mean the same thing, in QA its interchangeable. If it isn't working as expected, its broken.

Even if you've had minimal amount of issues, that really means nothing. It depends on a shit ton of variables and not everyone plays the same way. If you look at the Fallout wiki, pretty much every entry has a "related bugs" section and some workarounds.

Megaton2825d ago

I've put several hundred hours into Fallout 3 on multiple platforms, and I totally agree that game is a technical disaster. It's so good that you can forgive it, but that doesn't change how poorly it was built (from a purely technical standpoint).

Shepherd 2142825d ago

I put over 100 hours into Fallout 3 on my 360 and i hardly ever came across a bug that crippled the game. Must be your console. Fallout 3 has its share of bugs and glitches, but you people over exaggerate it horribly.

jjohan352825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I'm surprised FAR CRY 2 didn't make the list. The game had major bugs, including one that didn't let half of the players FINISH THE GAME. Ubisoft didn't fix it until over a year later. And when it did, you'd have to start all over from the beginning (this is a 50+ hour game, bug kicked in around 87%). On top of that the multiplayer still kicks you out of the lobby after every game.

Gears 2 multiplayer was more buggy than Gears 1.

wicko2825d ago

@Shepard 214

Then you haven't looked at the wiki. There are a shit ton of bugs.

Shepherd 2142824d ago

Nah, i didnt look at the wiki, i just spent a small fraction of my life exploring, doing quests, and doing everything i could find. It really isnt that bad. Maybe youre just picky.

wicko2824d ago

No, it really is that bad. I'm not picky, as I've played through the game probably 3 times now. Whatever you've come across doesn't mean anything really. I've worked in QA for 2 different projects now and I can tell you, Fallout 3 has a lot of bugs that squeaked past certification that other titles wouldn't get away with.

It's hard to exaggerate when the majority of Fallout 3 articles in the Fallout Vault wiki contain a list of bugs at the end. I'm not saying they are game breaking or anything (even though there are quite a few that are), just saying they are very numerous, I'd go as far to say maybe even more than this entire list combined.

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jakethesnake2825d ago

Watch the video for Big Rigs and then say that. Maybe #2, but nothing can beat that trainwreck!

Luzce2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Big Rigs video is just unbelievable. Looks like a game in alpha stages... and they released this to the public? The maps are "completed", but there are no boundaries, you can drive up a 90 degree wall, you go under the bridge when trying to go over, you drive right through the other big rig...

Funniest thing was there was a 2nd video posted for this subject on Youtube: "Over 2 million mph in reverse". Speedometer just keeps going and going...

Pennywise2825d ago

Fallout and Dragons Age.

DA:O I got to the part where you have to protect the town from the raid and the last guy never came out.... broken. You can't finish the game without passing that part.

Downtown boogey2825d ago

I never ran into any problems in MW2 after playing it for tens of hours thus I can't really believe that...

4pocalyps32825d ago

please tell me your being sarcastic.....

Yardie2825d ago


there is a glitch that gives you a sniper scope on your knife, and a glitch tht turnes 7 kills, into a spawn camping ac130.

plus everything the article said.

Luzce2825d ago

ROFL @ Sniper Scope on Knife.

kneon2825d ago

Where is RDR? I've encountered more bugs in that than in MW2, and MW2 had plenty.

I guess I was lucky with Heavy Rain, I don't recall any bugs so whatever there was must have been really minor.

DeFFeR2825d ago

The only issue I had with RDR was the day they released OttE and either the servers crashed, or something was wrong with the DLC, but it didn't require another patch, so I just assumed it was server overload.

What are the issues you/other people are having? Just curious if what you consider broken is looked over because I like the game/story so much.

I do have to say, I wish there was a skip button for the herb/skinning animations (ARGH...)

VladimirK2825d ago


A tip for skinning animals that I've been using.
Stand your horse directly on top of the animal, it can be for sknning or just collecting feathers, then dismount with the horse still on top, then press to skin and it'll skin it without that animation.

It doesn't work for plants, but it's sped my hunting up a lot.

Christopher2825d ago

The news on the issues with Heavy Rain was news to me.

Now, surprised Alpha Protocol, Red Dead Redemption, and LotR Conquest weren't on the list.

Dark_Vendetta2825d ago

Myst on the DS has to be on the list. I didn't play it but according to a gaming site (4players) the game is unplayable (it's the only game to get 1/100 %). This happens when you try to play the game:
The game crashes all the time, and there are contless bugs too.

Ace Killa 082825d ago

wat about blacksite area 51, that game was a disaster. comparing both of these area 51 should be 1st then mw2. but since everyone hate mw2 hell jump it to no.1

Halo3 MLG Pro2825d ago

Yeah you must be talking about the ps3 version since I didn't encounter any problems on the 360 version. Superb game too.

StitchJones2825d ago

Agreed, pure hate for this game and it's shortcomings. It was just a greedy payday for IW. I am glad they were pushed from the company.

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BeaArthur2826d ago

There are a lot of popular titles on that list that I don't agree with. Some of those games had bugs but to call them broken is a reach. To me broken is virtually unplayable and most of those games can run just fine.

jimmins2826d ago

But to me, broken is broken... if a bug - esp. in multiplayer - allows cheaters to gain advantage, that's broken. If in single player, it's a potential game-ender; that's broken.

Rich16312826d ago

There is a difference between having some bugs and balance issues than being broken. Gears of War and Modern Warfare have their problems but you havn't played a broken game unless you played Socom: Confrontation from October 2008 to March 2009, that was truly broken.

Ace Killa 082825d ago

ahh yes socom, everyone seem to forget this game, a broken game which wasnt patched up for a good while. how about orange box for ps3?!?!? that also was full of problems for ps3 a few on 360 and of course little to none on pc