Why Motion Control Doesn't Suck

Beer + Videogames... An optimistic analysis of motion control, in the wake of one very "unique" E3.

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dangert122857d ago

all i gots to say is

metroid prime curreptution 3

Das_Bastardion2857d ago

KINECT well.. that's other story...

hoops2857d ago

Well of course...this is

ShinMaster2857d ago

Motion controls don't suck.
At least for those proven to work with "real" games(Wii and Move).

Gr812857d ago

Damn Right. Prime 3 was a masterpeice.

Any way, many of us already knew Motion Controls didnt suck. We've known this for 4 yrs now. What these articles show me is the ultimate in viral marketing. Basically, what it shows is that the same people calling Wii a fad and gimmick for the past 4yrs. Now have to backtrack and herd their sheep into believing their Motion Devices are worth an investment.

If it wasn't so blatanly obvious, it would be funnier to me. But sadly, its just sad.

rumplstilts2857d ago

The reason why motion control doesn't suck is because it just doesn't. Unless you are playing shovelware or Red Steel 1. And I also have to say Kinect looks awful.

Jack Klugman2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

They don't and the Wii has proved their is a market. Kinect looks great. Move looks like a Wiimote rip-off that anyone who owns a Wii is going to pass on so I don't see it doing well at all, but Sony needs something for that "ME too effect" or should I say "Wii too effect" lol. However, it Should do decent selling to the hardcore base that already owns a PS3 but beyond that I seem them going with Kinect or Wii. As early Pre-orders seem to be indicating..

Jeremy Gerard2857d ago

is for people who have trouble using controllers, folks who get confused by all the buttons. For the rest of us, it sucks, and that goes for Wii, Move and Kinect. I love how you tools pretend like just because your company of choice makes it its OK now.

Motion control takes resources away form REAL games and console improvments. We'd prolly have cross game chat on PS3 by now if Sony was not trying to keep up with Nintendo and MS on motion control.

Gr812857d ago

He here, hated Motion controls 4 yrs ago, and hates them now. Regardless of the company name on the box.


ChickeyCantor2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Sorry but your post is just a pile of ignorance.
Sure i dont like the people who suddenly like motion controls because Sony and MS approve it now ( opposed to 4 years ago). But people like you pretend to know all know abouts concerning "improvement".

Not to mention that Sony has DIVISIONS. Like any company.
Why do people have the idea the whole Sony corps was working on Move?
Sony would be dead by now if they did that.

Apocalypse Shadow2857d ago

but i never get tired of that @ss.

Jeremy Gerard2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

But Im pretty sure its the gaming division that is working on MOVE, the same one that is supposed to be constantly improving PS3.

Divisions or not Sony does not have an endless supply of cash, and the cash they wasted on this move crap could have been spent more wisely, that goes for MS with Kinect as well. Although in MS's case I think it will at least pay off for them, they will see a huge return on the investment in Kinect, good for them, bad for hardcore gamers.

[email protected] I think I stated only folks who have trouble with controllers care about motion gaming, you do realize that is like everyone who does not currently game as a hobby LOL ! Sure there are plenty of folks who care about it, just not the hardcore gamers.

Also keep in mind Kinect got the worst reception from haters and fanboys, the casual market it is aimed at seemed to love it far more than move, since move is just a black wii with a ball on top.

As for whos working on move @ sony again, its about resources, money and resources dude. Move is a waste of BOTH.

maddhatter1232857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

the wii and ps move have shown good motion control games and the move can be used with non move games like kz3 so they are good kniect is garbage.

@Jeremy Gerard
oh stfu you idiot no one is trying to keep up with ms on motion controls because out of the 3 kinect got the worst reception. also if no one cared about motion controls why is nintendo selling the most consoles, selling the most games and now have sony and ms making motion controls? the people making the motion are not the ones who work on stuff like cross game chat either and proof of that is they have move and ps+ both being made now so they are not affecting each other. just go some where you cown you're just embarrassing yourself.

corsair14002857d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't understand all the shit-talking about Kinect? Sure, they haven't really announced any good games for it, but at least it's somewhat innovative, unlike Sony who just blatantly ripped off the Wii.

Put a shiny light up ball at the end of the controller and claim "one to one motion" and everyone goes wild over something that's been in peoples' living rooms for 4 years.

maddhatter1232857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

"Am I the only one who doesn't understand all the shit-talking about Kinect? Sure, they haven't really announced any good games for it" *sigh* this is why 360 fanboys are a complete joke. also no kinect isn't innovative everything it does eyetoy did also ever game shown on kinect was a copy of a wii game or eyetoy game. you can say they're different all you want but the basic idea is the same just like with the wiimote and move. it really is amazing that 360 fanboys are this unbelievably dumb.

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