Parents Group To Best Buy: Move Mature-Rated Games To Higher Shelves

The consumerist: Advocacy group Parents Television Council says it's a Joe Camel move to place video games intended for adults right alongside the Marios and Sonics of the world, and the group scolded Best Buy for the practice at a shareholder's meeting last week.

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BeaArthur2821d ago

No, they still have to have someone 18 or older to buy it. I don't see what the difference is as to what shelf it's on.

raWfodog2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Unfair, I say! The little people (midgets) will have trouble reaching it and then they'll sue for height discrimination. They'll boycott and picket in front of the store with slogans like "If its too high, we won't buy!!"

ckbarnett2821d ago

rawfodog that slogan is fucking awesome

Christopher2821d ago

I see no issue with the request, honestly. It's the same thing they do with adult magazines.

I completely agree that in the end it's the parents that should be making sure their kids aren't buying M-rated games, but this doesn't hurt anyone in the end at all and just makes it a bit easier for some parents to quickly identify material that isn't appropriate for their children as well as keeping it out of reach of the much younger gamers.

guitarded772821d ago

I have an issue... they stock the damn things in alphabetical order at my Best Buy, so it's easy to go in and find the game you're looking for. If you throw all the M games to the top shelf, you screw up the order... then where are we? Total anarchy, that's where.

Prototype2821d ago

"The PTC is famous for being clueless haters of video games"

That line alone explains the entire article

Also I'm sick of parent groups coming up with stupid ideas to "protect" kids when its only promoting isolation instead of proper parenting.

poopface12821d ago

you cant access tha game in the store at all. You could read the entire magazine in a store. Also there is no x rated games.

If they want violent videogames moved then they better also do it for books and movies, but they wont.

Double standards trying to be set by bad parents, SURPRISE!!!

HolyOrangeCows2821d ago

"Advocacy group Parents Television Council"

Maybe they could get the Fathers Against Rude Television to help them out, lol.

fatstarr2821d ago

Best idea parents advocacy groups have ever came up with ever.
Or maybe they should learn how to slap a child and tell them to get their mind right and play those games when they are older. Hell it worked for me
i got slapped for asking for gta3 and i was a teen.

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lodossrage2821d ago

Parents need to FOLLOW the ESRB ratings on the FRONT of the dang game boxes. Stop buying mature games for you kids.

wiggles2821d ago

I'd say that would be responsible...True companies shouldn't put the porn section next to Thomas the Tank engine so I can see putting "M" rated games on a higher shelf...

But it's the parents responsibility to check the rating system and establish some sort of limit on what THEY purchase their kids...

So PTC can cry all they want about having RDR next to Wii Music but in the end the ball is in the parent's court.

jaredhart2821d ago

It's not like the shelves in Best Buy are high enough to keep kids from seeing the games.

SupaGamer2821d ago

This is being used as another way to attack M-rated videogames.

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The story is too old to be commented.