Mickey Mouse's mean makeover erased from Wii game

GLENDALE, California (AP) -- Mickey Mouse will not be bad in the coming "Epic Mickey" video game. He was just drawn that way.

Warren Spector, creative director of Disney Interactive Studios' Junction Point, said the beloved international icon will not transform into a snarling rat as originally planned for the game when players make mischievous choices, such as pilfering treasures from a store or erasing characters with thinner. Instead, Mickey will take on a smudgy look if he does something naughty.

"We're not going to change Mickey's image so much," said Spector.

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Cajun Chicken2915d ago

That's a shame. I would've liked to see a rabid Mickey.

UltimateIdiot9112915d ago

As Mickey finishes off the last of his friends, the Mickey everyone once knew is no more...In his place, stood a much darker and gruesome replacement...

His eye bloodshot red with a void so deep it sends chill to one's soul. What was once a warm smile is now nothing more than a snarling fang filled mouth with endless foam dripping out. The soft and gentle gloves that once held the hands of many children is now a metallic spiked tool of destruction. No more does Mickey skip along with every step, but rather a fearsome tremor.

Indeed, every trace of the Mickey Mouse we once knew is gone. Form now and to the end, walks a new living nightmare, the Rabid Mic.

hay2915d ago

I really hoped for some mature and dark Epic Mickey. Instead they just made a game with rejected ideas which looks pretty much like anything on Wii with a gameplay twist.

Vicious looking Mickey? That would be... That's it... Epic.

dredgewalker2915d ago

I wonder what a Kotick Mickey would be like?

rumplstilts2914d ago

Probably a Corporate Dick.

see what I did there?

DA_SHREDDER2915d ago

Bring on the PS3 version Disney. BTW, i loved Pure. A perfect example of a AAA publisher.

redDevil872915d ago

That must be annoying as a developer. Creating something thats very different and unique, then told you have to change it.

zatrox2915d ago

What a shame. The idea of twisting such iconic characters and locacions we grew up to love to the point they became incredibly dark sounded awesome.
Guess they just lost a possible fan, but I knew the game wouldn't really end up the way I would've liked it would.
I mean, remember that "suicidemouse.avi" video? Something like that into a game, it would've been really great.

Focker4202915d ago

That sucks!! When I read the preview in GI months ago the evil Mickey was an awesome idea. Thats too bad.

lil boy blue2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

meh that mean I'll probably be getting Kirby instead or d.k.c:r.
well this might make a turn around if Disney pulls their heads out their ass or make special edition. I'll still keep an eye out for it tho.

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