Hardcore Will Adopt Kinect First, Says Microsoft

The Escapist: Microsoft's Ryan Moore thinks that there will be plenty for hardcore gamers to enjoy with Kinect, even if it doesn't seem so right now.

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wiggles2912d ago

With a lack of core support at the moment I think Ryan Moore is off his rocker for thinking that core gamers will buy Kinect first....

Sure, they are usually the early adapters but I don't see any core gamer purchasing this with the title list that is currently out there unless if it is for the family....even with that $150+$60 game could go to many other places for family fun.

I mean using Kinect for quick draw?? That is one aspect of a game...and it sounds a lot like the fact that Uncharted uses 6-axis for balancing parts...It would be a nice feature...but who would pay $150 for a product that could only have a side implementation in a core game?

bakasora2911d ago

buy something that makes me look like an idiot? no thanks. at least Wii has an object that u can move around that someone can actually see.

SupaGamer2912d ago

the hardcore gamer getting too into this. They have much to prove.

Wizziokid2912d ago

If they fix that darn delay!

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The story is too old to be commented.