Microsoft: New Xbox Is “Nice Tenth [Xbox] Anniversary Present” For Customers

At E3 2010, Microsoft’s biggest reveal apart from Kinect, was the announcement of the new Xbox 360 S. Sure they had many games like Gears of War 3 and Halo: Reach on display, but the unveiling of the new hardware stole the show.

But was an all new Xbox redesign necessary, or would it be better if Redmond had simply added new features to the old box? Well according to northern Europe’s head of Xbox, Neil Thompson, not only was it necessary, it’s also a nice gift to Xbox customers.

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Wizziokid2942d ago

If it was a present wouldn't we be getting it for free?

MS you are the worst grandparents ever! :)

dangert122942d ago

you normal get free presents your spoiled rotten and you don't know it ;).Im not one to skip presents but since this one has a fee its one i could do with out

HolyOrangeCows2942d ago

A $300 present that we've earned through all of our abuse.

Thanks, MS. As a customer who has been screwed over by you with your defective Xbox 360, what better present could I ask for than to reward you with $300?

ElitaStorm2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Microsoft would never say my console is bad dont buy it, even if the console has aids

Eddie201012942d ago

Great 10th anniversary present if I were a journalist with an opinion and got one for free, but since I am a consumer who supported them by buying two original Xbox 360's and having one of them replaced twice, well..... not so great a present.

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PantherDST2942d ago

Sorry folks the new Xbox360 is not free, you still have to pay for it. I'm personaly keeping my old style one as it has HDMI and is in good working order.

Garnett2942d ago

Im pretty much the same way, i like it but its not worth $300...

Al Bundy2942d ago

MS is charging $300 for presents now?!

BeaArthur2942d ago

haha, I was thinking the same thing. I thought presents were free.

MorganX2942d ago

Now this is an insult to gamers' intelligence. Shame on MS.

Wikkid6662942d ago

I got my for under 100 bucks! so it was a GREAT present.

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The story is too old to be commented.