Spillverket review: Sniper: Ghost Warrior

"The game occasionally manage the combination of stealth and sharp firing perfect, and in those very few moments you won't care that the enemy is running backwards, shooting trough their backs or displaying other signs of inbreeding. All that matters in those few moments is the heart rate, distance and wind. And when you finally have the perfect shot lined up, all you have to do is sit back, squeeze the trigger and enjoy the bullets flight in slow-motion.

The problem is strictly speaking "everything else". The pure shooting sequences as an brain-dead macho man is just as much fun as plucking out the hair from the abdomen with forceps.

One could perhaps forgive this, and be satisfied that there certainly are some sequences that really focuses on what the game should be about. But unfortunately. That the game in addition is so technically weak means that will be turning the good cheek too far."

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Johandevries2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I'll probably get a lot of disagrees now but as far I can read this crappy translation:

I don't have any crashes here (engine is very stable), this game actually fits in REAL spanish voice acting (very rare) so why the complaints about voice-acting, the setting is very nice IMO and the AI is a lot worse in other games.

What he says about the oil platform is true: you have to kill a lot of soldiers with a normal assault rifle like in MW2, and MW2 is the worst example for a game ever. But this mistake of the devs doesn't make the game a 5/10. In fact, this game is unique, because so few devs combine a nice sniping gameplay with a great engine.