Gaming's Most Inappropriate Outfits Ever

The skimpiest, the most ridiculous and the plain useless. NowGamer trawls the depths of gaming history to bring you the most inappropriate outfits ever.

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fastrez2942d ago

Nice list. That Eiko image is actually so wrong once you look a bit closer. Well observed.

Wrathman2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

i wont even look at the article till i post this comment..but im goin to guess that its a japanese game.but my vote would go to solid snake..seriously!

a skin tight cat suit on a supposedly fully grown man that bobs his ass up and down as he crawls givin you the best view.well the best view if your a very drunk woman at a bachelorette party.

now thats inappropriate!

EDIT: looked at article..seriously WTF no solid snake?!

jimmins2942d ago

Actually, tiny bikinis are quite appropriate for Beach volleyball...

Nike2942d ago

Enough with the effing lists already, NowGamer! Is there nothing - absolutely nothing else - you know of? And again, nothing more than just some random sleazebait article. God, this site has turned into a circle of Hell for gamers. D:

fastrez2942d ago

It's not a sleazy article though, you clearly didn't read it. Loads of male characters on there too. It's 'inappropriate' outfits, not skimpiest or sleaziest. Meaning, the ones that aren't fit for purpose.

Nike2942d ago

Who is going to look at that picture and think of anything else but "boobs, boobs, boobs!" and "Ivy! Maybe the other Boob-erellas are in attendance!"?

fastrez2942d ago

People who read the description...

Roozium2942d ago

I bet that these guys don't know a sh*t about Halo or Assassin's Creed. Altair wears white to blend with the munks and Master Chief wears that armor coz he needs shield.

fastrez2942d ago

Yes, but when almost 90% of the NPCs in Assassin's Creed AREN'T monks, clearly the white robe is a bad idea. Master Chief's shield works without his armour, hence it being inappropriate. The armour does squat.

therealbatman2942d ago

LOL! except make him twice as strong, able to run at super speed and withstand large impacts....and be able to go into space

midgard2272942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

correct me if im wrong but um, doesnt halo have some of the slowest running in any game??? i luuv halo but i know how slow chief runs. and im also sure hes not that strong either. he dies from a one hit bash to the back.

i dunno thats just what i saw tho, only thing he is protected from is fall damage lol

EDIT @therealbatman

lol i know what u mean, i mean yeah he is stronger but by running slow i didnt mean compared to other players, i meant just in general, u try to run around the corner but it takes for ever. maybe the armor is heavy? tho that wudnt explain why he floats so much when he jumps.

lol i dunno. halo is wierd, i just never seen chief exhibit his strength or speed. only jumping ability. i mean he does sorta hurt brutes when humans cant but yeah :P.

Only in the video Haloid he showed his strength.

if u never seen haloid

enjoy :)

The BS Police2941d ago

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The story is too old to be commented.