Folklore scores 8/10 in CVG's review

There's something to be said for playing through a brand new game without understanding what the f**k is going on for the most part. That something is "Eh?". Psychological survival horror games have that effect, but that's because they're the product of the sort of special 'planning meetings' down the local which turn into debauched sessions featuring - in no particular order - eastern European spirits, that barmaid your mate wouldn't touch with yours, a minor psychotic episode after someone suggested snorting 100 percent proof absinthe, tablets banned from use in veterinary medicine and a long night stuffed inside a small, dark and damp space which could be either a police cell or a skip.

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achira3955d ago

nice game! i will give it a try.

JsonHenry3955d ago

I am really digging the art style of this game. Hopefully the game turns out to be pretty good. Been waiting for a decent PS3 game for a while now.

nasim3955d ago

who gave FOLKSOULS a 5/10.

CLearly 1up/EGm/Eurogamer have bcome the sites of the GAYEST people on earth.


btkadams3954d ago

if i was you i would change wat u said to not say "GAYEST people on earth" but to say dumbest people on earth. people are gonna start popping your bubbles

and to stay on topic, this game looks interesting, ill have to wait for an ign review before i buy it.

GoLeafsGo3955d ago

I loved the demo, and the whole concept of capturing the souls.
Can't wait to get into it =D

If you have a PS3, you can download the demo from the Jap PS store

MACHone3955d ago

A few days ago, some other place gave the game a 5/10. This is a pretty big jump from a five. I certainly hope the game is truly eight worthy, because it looks great and I'd really like to play a good action RPG on my PS3.

crck3955d ago

reviewing japanese import games. Call me stupid but I think reviews should wait until you can understand such text heavy games. Seems kind of irresponsible on their part. I know US sites dont do this especially when they know a english version has been announced and is in the pipeline.

shysun3955d ago

Yeah, reviewing a game that you can't understand is a dumb move indeed. Even if it is a 8/10 I'll wait for Gamespot's review. I complained about the guys who gave the "import" 5/10 and I'll do the same now!Dumb move!!

Xwow3955d ago

i will buy it for sure :D

felidae3955d ago

as i said before. Folklore is a nice game (i played the demo)

will buy it for sure

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The story is too old to be commented.