PS3/X360/PC Preview - 'Crysis 2': The original Crysis for the PC was known for many things. It had a nice, open jungle like Crytek's previous effort, FarCry. It had an amazing array of suits to gave you a wide range of powers. It also became notorious for barely running at an adequate level on the top PC rigs of the time. Years after the title's release, gamers still haven't managed to get Crysis to run at peak performance all of the time. At E3, we spent some hands-off time with Crysis 2, and it's plain to see that Crytek still has the desire to release a technologically top-notch shooter.

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raztad2890d ago

"One of the surprises coming out of the Electronic Arts E3 conference is that Crysis 2 will support 3-D for all three consoles. When asked, the producers revealed that the new shutter glasses 3-D technology (used by the new 3-D TV sets hitting the market) would be used by both the PS3 and PC versions of the game while the 360 version would use the old anaglyph technology (red and blue glasses). Things may change down the road but for now, if you are one of the few gamers who owns a shiny new 3-D TV or 3-D monitor, this information may sway your decision about which SKU to purchase."

Whats going on here? Yerlis said 3D will be identical across the board.

jaredhart2890d ago

Good thing is with the xbox version you don't need a 3d TV!

raztad2890d ago

That's a good way to see it.

I'm expecting Crytek to show the PS3 version tho. We already know both cosole skus will look great but I think is time for Crysis 2 on PS3 to be demoed. Game release is not that far off, I'm fairly interested in the game but need to see some realtime footage.


im still trying to get the beta :D :D :D