Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo Wii Already Disappoints Real Fans

J Lynch: "Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo Wii might have been one of the biggest surprises at E3 2010, but with everyone having a little time to think about it, we’ve all quickly realized that instead of excitement, most of the media is filled with confusion and disappointment. Sure we got a remake to one of our favorite games of all time, but it’s on a machine that isn’t even hooked up in the rooms of most gamers who wanted it."

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BattersUp2791d ago

Putting the remake exclusively on the Wii is the stupidest thing Activision could have done. Are little kids really going to appreciate it?

BeaRye2791d ago

I'm sure there was a lot of legal stuff behind the scenes we don't even know about. Think about all the info about licensing that fans did hear. That means we probably missed out on a lot! And who cares. How often are remakes anywhere near as good as the originals?

IaMs122791d ago

Well id would have really liked it if MS finished off what they started. They had an HD remake going, with screens and all. It would have came out just like Perfect Dark did, and i say the Perfect Dark remakes was perfect lol. They did everything but just made the graphics clear so we can see haha.

Cevapi882791d ago

why cant Nintendo remaster the N64 version for the Wii, like the PS3 with its PS2 titles...i think that move would be cool along with the new Goldeneye to see where Activision stayed true to the formula that made Goldeneye 64 the defining shooter on consoles

The Meerkat2791d ago

I would imagine most Wii players were not even born when Goldeneye was released.

charlescox42791d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. Most of the Wii players were what five years old or younger when 007 hit the Nintendo 64? I actually like the 64. I rememeber playing Ken Griffey's baseball on it and all the great 3D games (which were still new and cool back then).

vgn242791d ago

Not every Wii owner is a little kid. In addition, you have to figure that a lot of people who owned the N64 now have kids of their own with Wiis. That means a lot of adult gamers who DID play the original.

Now putting Daniel Craig in Goldeneye is a complete screw up, but the remake isn't a disappointment.... yet.

Noctis Aftermath2791d ago

Well it is a FPS and that is what sells the best on the HD consoles, so putting it on the "family friendly" console is a pretty puzzling decision.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32791d ago

I thought the Wii was owned by elderly people Meerkat. If thats the case, your whole statement is rather moot, lol.

The Meerkat2791d ago

Thats why I said PLAYERS not OWNERS.

Older people keep them in cupboards.
Only young people actually PLAY them.


ChickeyCantor2791d ago

" I would imagine most Wii players were not even born when Goldeneye was released."

Ever heard of the terms: "Playstation generation" ?

Lots of PS3/360 owners never played this game either =)
And thats a sad fact.

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Wrathman2791d ago

i think any shooter on the wii disappoints straight away.pointing is dumb.

MOVE is screwed

smash-brother-102791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

metroid prime says hi

and so will socom when thats released

SinnedNogara2791d ago

You know you can play with the Classic Controller or GameCube controller in Goldeneye right?

GunShotEddy2791d ago

It should have been multi-platform because being a Wii-exclusive is just a plain bad idea.

N4g_null2791d ago

It's only bad for people that don't have a wii. What is funny is we where all playing golden eye when halo first came out and we still liked golden eye better.

All you guys complaining are hilarious. You complain about nintendo not being hardcore and bam now their own games are not good enough for their own system. Lol. Wow guys come on if you are so hardcore you will get the game on the wii because it's not happening on another system.

Lots of people where kids when they played the first one so why can the kids of today not play this game?

A n64 classic controller would top this off nicely. Stop the hate and have more fun guys

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na-no-nai2791d ago

lol the author just want better graphics on golden eye

N4g_null2791d ago

Let me think a remake in the same visual style with the same game play doesn't really need an hd system does it? Seriously I would play it even if it was n64 level graphic because the engine and game play where that much fun.

Anyway why put goldeneye up against killzone and halo? The younger gamers have their favorites now let us old schoolers have some fun.

NYC_Gamer2791d ago

i think nintendo owns the license...

Commander TK2791d ago

The rights for the Bond games r owned by Activision

na-no-nai2791d ago

they owned the license to golden eye 007.

beans2791d ago

If activision can lock down the same feel Rare did years ago I will be impressed.

Krimmson2790d ago

I think you overestimate Eurocom (the developer).
Play any of the previous Bond games Post-Goldeneye, including Quantum of Solace.

Did any of those games come even close to the feel of Goldeneye?

Fuck this, I'm going back to playing TimeSplitters. Now there's your modern day Goldeneye.

gtsentry2791d ago

activision must think that all the kids are going to stop playin super mario galaxy to play goldeneye

beans2791d ago

Well to be fair most of us were kids when Golden eye released years ago. This could easily be the game to pull the Wii only owners into the FPS genre.

IaMs122791d ago

Sorry but its Activision and the roll they are going on this will probably turn away people who have heard sooo much about GoldenEye from the past.