Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker outsells Red Dead Redemtion

It is astonishing but in the current week the PSP game Metal Gear Peace Walker has outsold the console hit Red Dead Redemtion by nearly 20.000 units.

For full sales details, follow the link

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portablegaming2939d ago

A PSP game beats a console game? WOW!

NecrumSlavery2939d ago

It's the Big Boss dude. What else is there to compete with him than his own son?

hay2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

It didn't outsell multiplatform blockbuster but is selling well for a PSP game.
I kinda feel a part of this success. I installed original firmware to play bought copy not patched pirated version and every time a friend talks about playing it or getting it illegally... I kinda go fanatic and lecture that one have to be huge retard with lack of respect to someone's hard work to pirate game like this.

I mean,seriously, you're paying for huge amount of content comparing to other games on the platform. It's big even for a stationary console game. Pirating it is just so low and wrong...

Cloudberry2939d ago

I agree.

Here, I give you BUBBLES+.

AntoineDcoolette2939d ago

It didn't outsell RDR, it just outsold it for one week : /

Can't wait to add to its sales total though when I get some mula :/

Biggest2939d ago

LOL! And one week a month later at that. I'm not sure what they are trying to prove with this "article" thing. Both games ARE awesome though. And yes, I paid for both. Even got a Big Boss pack so that my son could play MGS:PW as well.

RockmanII72939d ago

I actually think this is a Bad thing. This tells developers that its better to work with an old franchise than to take risks with new ones. I know RDR is a sequel but really it was an unknown sequel. Very similar situation that Killzone 2 had where the first game wasn't great and the second one was.

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LightofDarkness2939d ago

Well it is the better game. Justice.

portablegaming2939d ago

It OWNS Red Dead Redemtion. Kojima just rocks more than Rock Star!

Stuart57562939d ago

Read Dead 3.6 million sold, Peace Walker just shy of 1 million sold.

ChronoJoe2939d ago

I believe the article is comparing W1 sales PeaceWalker to W4 or so sales, Red Dead Redemption.

BeaArthur2939d ago

What everyone is ignoring is the fact that RDR came out over a month ago.

ipe2939d ago

PW just came out while RDR is out more than month.

T9X692939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Because everyone tends to read the headline instead of the actual article. No where in the article does it say anything about Red Dead Redemption, this article is actually for MGSPW first week sale figures. RDR sold over 500,000 in the first week or day I can't remember. Either way still quadrupling the sales of MGSPW, but who ever submitted the article is to dumb founded to realize that.

EDIT: Also that was RDR on Xbox right below MGS, combine PS3 and Xbox 360 sales, and RDR still beats MGS a month after its been released when MGS was just released a week ago. So either way you look at it, the title of this article is a fail because RDR out sells MGS either way.

portablegaming2939d ago

What everyone is ignoring that PSP games are usually pirate copied like 80% and usually have no sales numbers above the 1000-ands.

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raztad2939d ago


I'm one of those PW owners. Game is great. Kojima did an incredible work with MGS:PW and deserves all the sales it can get. Fuk Piracy, that shit has been killing the PSP.

Snakefist302939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

A PSP game beats a console game AWESOME.Hideo Kojima I salute u for creating another masterpiece and a EPIC game.

capn_crunch2939d ago

I bought mine for this game... and Persona 3 Portable.

Cloudberry2939d ago

Ditto. : )


Other PSP games also awesome too.

God Of War-Chains Of Olympus.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Resistance Retribution.


Hades13372939d ago

Read Dead came out over a month ago, comparing it to a new release is completely pointless.

RAZORLAND2939d ago

compairing the sales of a multiplatform game on one console (360), or at least thats what I got from it, to an exclusive doesnt seem fair.

actually, nevermind the article, its whoever wrote the n4g title who is completley off base.

sikbeta2939d ago

It's a MGS Game, Pure Quality....

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Schneestern2939d ago

wow o_O didn't expect that

theEnemy2939d ago

Hate to break it to you guys but Red Dead Redemption has been out for like more than a month now or almost a month during that duration of that sales figures.

It's bound to slow down 4 weeks after release.

nefertis2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

wrong MGS franchise sold because it been around for years thats why it sold fast and it got more clout then RDR.

al-burrito2939d ago

never thought this could happen. PSP FTW!


how can that be!"!! RDR CLASSIC! :D