Radical unveils Prototype

Game Informer takes the wraps off studio's new hyperviolent free-roaming action game coming 2008.

Prototype follows the exploits of Alex Mercer, who has acquired superhuman abilities as the result of a science experiment gone awry.

Radical's unique twist on the Grand Theft Auto style of play is that as Mercer kills people, he absorbs their memories, abilities, and appearance. As a result, players gain the ability to shapeshift into any one they've absorbed, and they also gain knowledge and skills. Absorbing dead foes and innocent bystanders alike also augments Mercer's biomass, making him stronger and giving him the ability to morph his body into a weapon or harden his skin in defense.

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R0l33710d ago

Good mixture of ideas, I guess I will purchase this.

3710d ago
Vicar3710d ago

More sandbox fun for everyone on the 360 and ps3 whoo!! (wii... ha...)

PS360PCROCKS3710d ago

Yeah I read about this in game informer, this game, prototype is a bit confusing to get the concept I had to read it like 3 times to get it, but it looks really awesome, and has some cool graphic smoke is part of a battle because if you blow something up the smoke lingers for like 10 minutes so it's hard to see, you can climb up stuff and jump into helicopters and steal them...good stuff...