'EA Online Pass' Killing The Video Game Rental Industry?

SystemLink - "The new EA Online Pass system cuts down on second-hand sales with a code that is kept within a game's box, and can only be entered once a player buys the game, allowing the player to go online for free. The next person, without a code, then can't play online without a one-time fee. However, while EA's intentions may bee good, it seems Online Pass will have huge effects on the rental industry."

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Commander TK2916d ago

FUCK EA. I was with Laronvonbaron and thetruthsettingufree about the gamer´s union thing. We already get screwed over so many times and now u have to pay $10 to play online game? EA is 1 of the reasons this so called "video game industry" is fucked up. Devs already get money for the 1st owner of a certain game. What if the 2nd owner doesn´t like that game? And if he/she does like it, all they do is add more players for the game and keep the servers up.

Fuck u EA, you money-hungry sellouts. Your nothing without your devs

Red-Dead-Roar2916d ago

i will never buy an online pass from ea. never ever.

AntoineDcoolette2916d ago

You don't need to buy online passes, they come with the game.

BeaArthur2916d ago

The best part is that EA claims they are for sever maintenance but I don't really see EA's servers as being all that great.

Army_of_Darkness2916d ago

It's not like I ever rent games anyways:P
I prefer to buy.

MasFlowKiller2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Its Ether EA or GameStop and i say fuck Gamestop,
DO you guys know how much money developers lose becuase of companies like gamestop.

Its ether online pass or just online i know downloading games is the future but if publisher and developers keep loosing money or not getting a fair share becuase of companies like gamestop, the push for downloadable tittles will be fast and strong, and then we wont even own our games. Anything that keeps the industry growing is ok with me.
Just think of it like this

When gamestop takes your money, it makes gamestop shareholders richier
when EA takes your money, it goes back to the game industry.

Would you rather have your money go to make games like this:
* Bulletstorm
* Crysis 2
* Dead Space 2
* EA SPORTS Active 2
* FIFA Soccer 11
* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
* Hasbro Family Game Night 3
* Madden NFL 11
* Medal of Honor
* NBA Elite 11
* NBA Jam
* NCAA Football 11
* Need for Speed
* NHL 11
* NHL Slapshot
* RISK: Factions
* Spare Parts
* Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11

Or give Companies like gamestop and their shareholders your money.
Shareholders that probably dont even care about the industry
just that at the end of the day they make money.

Christopher2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

***We already get screwed over so many times and now u have to pay $10 to play online game?***

Only if you buy it used. Which, then you are already paying less than the price of a new game to play it.

***EA is 1 of the reasons this so called "video game industry" is fucked up.***

Perhaps EA Sports, but the rest of EA has actually been doing good things for the industry. Including supporting new IPs and smaller development companies with very open publishing aid that doesn't attempt to control development.

***Devs already get money for the 1st owner of a certain game. What if the 2nd owner doesn´t like that game?***

That makes absolutely no sense. You know that, right? Whether an owner; first, second, or third; doesn't like a game has nothing to do with the price they pay. I can buy a game day one and not like it, I still paid full price.

***And if he/she does like it, all they do is add more players for the game and keep the servers up. ***

Which is the problem. People who bought the game second hand are playing their game. Meaning, people who haven't given the company any money at all are playing for free on servers that cost a few thousand to tens of thousands a month to keep up and running.

***Fuck u EA, you money-hungry sellouts.***

They're a business, they thrive on income. That's like a boss telling an employee who is leaving to make more money at a different company that they're money-hungry sellouts. If businesses don't make a profit, people lose jobs, products/services don't get made, and the customers lose out in the end.

I see nothing here that labels them as sellouts. What are they selling out to? Profit? Every single one of us here is a sellout to the all powerful dollar.

Even better is that you're complaining about not being able to save as much money as usual on a used game, and in the process taking away money from the people who actually make the games in order to give it to people who have nothing to do with game development in the first place (GameStop). I'd call that a bit hypocritical.

Honestly, do you care more about giving money to someone who doesn't even develop the games you play than giving it to the people who do?

***Your nothing without your devs***

That's like saying Ford is nothing without their car engineers... it's a ridiculous statement considering they hire and employee the people who make their cars. EA keeps those devs employed and gives them the tools they need to make their games. If they're unhappy with EA, these employees can, and have, move onto other companies.

So, honestly, the devs are nothing without EA as well. You can't have just one or the other, it requires both.

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sikbeta2915d ago

"'EA Online Pass' Killing The Video Game Rental Industry?"

Hmmm... THAT'S THE IDEA!!! Damn, EA want Money, they don't get any benefit when people buy their [EA] Games USED in gamestop, they'll do whatever it's necessary to kill the [Market of Used Games], I don't Buy used Games, but This is Crap, cos they take people the option to no spend the same amount of Money in Games that they only want to try it out or just play one time to resell again, like dome pals I know they did with CODMW2 for example....

darx2915d ago

So what happens when my hard drive goes or need a new system? I need to spend an extra $15?

MazzingerZ2915d ago

maybe and I don't care, I only purchase new here in Scandinavia you can't rent

That rental industry + gamestop are the factors why prices are still too high, if every single gamer purchased the game new, games would easily only need to cost 30-35 bucks today

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kidnplay2916d ago

It's despicable - as if gaming isn't expensive enough.

Cajun Chicken2916d ago

Won't hurt me from just playing the SP.

Darkfiber2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Good, renting sucks. I'm glad someone's doing something about this. In a perfect world, everyone would buy every game new and developers would prosper and make better games. But in this world, everyone is too stupid and cheap to care about the developers that they value so much. I don't think they realize that they don't get a cent of the millions of dollars that GameStop makes from used game sales or the millions of dollars from Blockbuster and Gamefly rentals. Seriously, they're willing to pay $55 for a used game where 100% of the profit goes to money hungry GameStop, who most gamers express their hatred for on a daily basis, but they're too cheap to cough up an extra $5 to buy the game new so the developers actually make money off it that they can used to invest in their next game, thus making the game, you know, BETTER.

But no, people are stupid and actually complaining about free DLC with a brand new shiny game. What a world we live in.

Panzerkanzler2916d ago

You have a point, but seeing how expensive games already are I'm not going to support EA any more. If games would cost AT LEAST 20% less than they currently do I'd buy more original games. They are simply too greedy and now they shaft the gamers while they should go after gamestop and others like them instead.

Pennywise2916d ago

Wow... just wow. I wish everyone in the world could have a disposable income like you... If only we could all just buy yearly increments of sports games we like for a full $60.00 a pop regardless if the yearly update is just roster updates and maybe a animation add somewhere in there.

I also like to rent games before I purchase to see if I like it. How am I supposed to tell if they made a stable online if I can't even try it out? So your (BAD)opinion is that everyone should just blindly spend our $60 on the game so that eventually the game will be better? You should be ashamed.

DTClown2915d ago

maybe you should be able to go to the movies for free and only pay if you liked it. Or sample that Big Mac before you buy in case it sucks compared to the Whopper. I personally would like to drive a Ferrari around for a year for free before I decide if I want to buy it. hmmmm, life would be so great if we didn't have to pay for things that ended up not being as good as we expected. How about my wife. Should I have kids with her first and see how good of a mother she'll be before I marry her?

Why don't you guys go and spend a couple of years and millions of dollars creating something and just give it away for free until the few who liked it decide they should pay for it. I bet you would change your mind real quick on this issue. Or simply read above paragraph again and realize how ignorant you all are being.

Pennywise2915d ago

DTClown... are you serious? Do you think that people who rent don't pay? We pay... It costs money to rent games.

There are roughly 4-5 games a month worth playing. Some month more than others... Let just say I want to play 4 a month. Most likely 3 out of the 4 won't be worth price of admission... but DTClown, you think I should pay $3,025.00 to find this out? You are out of your damn mind. I will buy a game if it is worth it. People like you are ridiculous... do you really have a disposable income that you can just waste your money on a game that you will most likely play once and never touch it again??

You should use some of your money and try to buy some common sense.

DTClown2915d ago

Are YOU serious!? Yes I'm serious. If you can't afford the hobby, don't steal from the developer because poor you can only afford x amount of games! It's not their fault you can't afford your hobby to the extent you want! Me, I can't afford EVERY game I want, so I don't BUY every game I want. Sucks, but that's life.

Darkfiber2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Want more disposable income? It's easy. People spend hundreds of dollars on junk food and booze a week. Not only if you stop buying that shit will you have WAY more money, but you'll also be way healthier too! That's all I did.

$60 is not a lot of money. It's like 2-3 hours of work for most people. You're telling me that in a 160 hour work month you cant find 2-3 hours of your income to devote to buying one game a month?

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Slinkey2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

People need to migrate to pc gaming for their multiplatform needs like I have in the recent years :D Back in the fall of last year I couldnt keep up with the stream of releases for my ps3 (both exclusive and multiplatform) so I decided to build a pc for not only the interesting pc exclusives ( ) but also the cheap multiplatform games from steam deals (just look at steam's summer sale to gather but a glimpse into how cheap pcgaming really is). Now with a pc and a ps3 my costs have gone down so far this year as the multiplatform games that I buy are only 5-15bucks a pop depending on the deal :D and the odd one or two ps3 games are the only 60 dollar purchases that I make. Best of all no used market to worry about!

sikbeta2915d ago

You have a Point about People being So Damn Stupid to end up paying $[55] for an used Game instead of $[60] for a New one, but even if I don't like to buy Used Games, there are loads of Games that people may end up playing just One Time and then want to get rid of it....

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Raoh2916d ago


screw rentals and used game sales

this will hurt initial game sales.. any game i buy now i have to keep or lose my online as well as the trade in value will drop as it will be worth less due to the purchaser of used games needing to buy an online pass..

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